Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am so zonked out lately! When it is nearing 10 p.m., I am totally ready to be in bed, almost passing out on the couch. Ugh. And since we have been working late, I basically get home, work out, make dinner, and go to bed! Glad I am too tired to be bored with myself! :).

So, what have I been up to........Not much, really. Had a couple annoying court hearings this week. I hate being sexist, but sometimes, female lawyers are much more difficult to deal with than male. Females will just NOT let things go, and are just sooo bitchy sometimes. Aargh. Enough on that though.

Had an awesome massage last night. I am so freaking picky after having the best (Rebecca), so even though I enjoy massages from others, nothing is ever close. Crystal though, is awesome. She is totally going to be the one I see in the area from now on. This place sent me a birthday coupon. I went there for a massage a really long time ago, and decided to try it again because I had the coupon. She did a lot of work on my neck, which for whatever reason, other therapists tend to avoid (except Rebecca, of course). I was so out of it afterwards, I could barely drive home. Those massages are the best kind. I should have come home and went straight to bed, but instead, I made dinner, chilled with Kurt, then fell asleep on the couch before working out. Whoops.

Stopped after work today and picked up some groceries while Kurt met with a guy at the house that is putting in a well near our pond to keep it full. He is going come next week and put it in. I can't wait. I hate seeing the pond continually go down in water level because of our lack of rain in these parts.

We are still trying to get some things moved around to allow us to go away over Memorial weekend. Fingers crossed, but it is looking more positive. Worse case scenario, we will take a trip somewhere more quick in the US, but I would really like to get out of here and do some hiking in the jungle.....It is the best therapy for me of anything.

Already tired, so I will write more this weekend......


Rebecca said...

If only we lived closer, you'd be my best client :)

.................Nancy said...

I should really reward myself with a massage someday... when I'm less self conscious hehe

MissThang said...

I'm in DIRE need of a massage...but don't have the extra funds on hand to do so right now :(

Amanda said...

I don't like working for/with women generally for just that reason. It's part of why I picked the field I went into originally, but as of late, it's backfired on me.

That massage sound like it was wonderful!