Sunday, March 01, 2009

So, have not written in four days, I don't even remember the past four days I was so busy.

So, we worked both days this weekend, but today we only worked a few hours in the morning, so Kurt headed home and I headed to the mall to use some coupons Misty gave me. They were for $15 off if you spent $30, and she gave me 4 of them, so $60 off if I spent $120, at NY and Co. Score. And, the store was having a sale, Buy one item, get the second 50% off. Deals all around! I was really looking for some new work stuff.

I ended up finding a lot of stuff. I was hoping to find a new suit, but I did not like the way thier suit coats fit, so I ended up with non-suit purchases, which is fine. Here is what I got there:

Shirt (in white), which I can wear under suits or just with dress pants.



Shirt (in familiar green)

Shirt (in Vermillion): another one that will look cute under suits, or with pants in the summer.

Shirt (in familiar green): this shirt was more for casual wear, but I could wear it to work too


Shirt: I think I mostly bought this shirt because the style was "different". I love anything unique these days.

I then headed to Macy's, to see if they had any suit clearance racks going. Not really. I tried on a couple skirt suits, but nothing was very exciting. So, I wandered over to the shoe department, and got two pairs of shoes. This pair of Steve Madden's for work, and this pair of coach sneakers for casual. The tennis shoes are SO cute. And, I got them for so cheap! I could not believe the deal I got, and they had them in my size. Whoot. I was surprised they caught my eye because I am usually very nondesigner, and hate for labels to be on anything I wear, but I loved the contrast of colors on these. Oh, the ones I got are khaki with blue bands. Really cute.

I stopped at Best Buy next because I have been looking for a Greatest Hits cd of Paul McCartney. Found that, and also picked up Carrie Underwood's first cd. I was shocked at myself buying a country cd, but she kinda borders on pop, and so far, I love the cd. She reminds me of my love for Faith Hill, that kinda mixed pop/country sound.

Saturday, we worked all day on work at the office, and a LOT of rearranging. We bougght a new computer for the new employee, and set that up. After a LONG day, we decided to go out for a nice dinner, and settled on Big Fish, which is a classic Lori favorite. Kory had never been there, so it was fun to take him someplace new. I had my fav meal there, the Shrimp Fresco, Kurt has cashew crusted sole, and kory had a caribbean combo. Service was a little slow, but the food was amazing. On the way home, we were driving in Allen Park and all the sudden, saw a TON of cop cars going toward this gas station. So, we did what any curious citizens would do and turned around, heading back to check things out. The cops at the station had their guns pulled! I think it made Kory's day, LOL. we still don't know what was going on, but something major. We are thinking either someone was robbing the gas station, or some kinda drug bust. There was at least 10 cop cars there though. Crazy.

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Kay said...

cute finds :)

Megan said...

I want to go shopping with you sometime! So fun. It looks like we look for similar things. I'm always on the prowl for new suits. And I'm a huge NY&C fan.

.................Nancy said...

I love all your clothes!! The shoes too! I think i'd love to raid your closet :)