Thursday, February 18, 2010


By Kurt Haskell

A few days ago, CNN contacted all of the known flight 253 passengers by email. The email stated that as the Haiti earthquake story had calmed down, CNN wanted to write a new article on flight 253. The email listed a series of questions that CNN wanted the passengers to answer about flight 253. This is the first major media organization to contact Lori and I after the hearings took place in Congress. These hearings provided the statements from Patrick Kennedy and Michael Leiter that led to the obviously conclusion that the Sharp Dressed Man was a U.S. Government agent (Please scroll down below and read previous blog posts if you are not informed as to these comments and this conclusion). Therefore, I expected CNN to address these issues, as they are now, in my opinion, the most important part of the flight 253 story. When I provided my answers, I informed CNN that it could only use my answers if it intended to discuss the Sharp Dressed Man in its article. I heard nothing further from CNN. Lori, however, got another email that said, since we can't use Kurt's answers, can we at least use yours? This was not a surprise to me since it is obvious that the major media is furthering the U.S. governement's flight 253 propaganda. Lori's take on all of this is that we should keep flight 253 in the media no matter what. My take is that it is time for the media to step up to the plate and ask the hard questions. Until that happens, don't bother wasting my time to further the U.S. Government's agenda. You can read the article below as Lori posted a link in her most recent blog entry. Notice that I am not mentioned in the article. At least the media is showing its true colors.


Shama Chopra said...


Shama and I wanted a tour of the Court on April 13th 2010 because that is the next day of the hearings. I was told to choose another date.

Can you believe that ? they know that media will be looking for some news and victims will be heard on that day .

We are as much frustrated by the media as you guys.

Raman and Shama Chopra

Human said...

And to think I 1st saw you(Kurt) on CNN. Now they won't let you tell anything more!
Did you ever see the fake CNN broadcast made during the "Gulf War"?

Keep up the Good Fight.

Anonymous said...

Hello from France;

Just a word to tell you that we are proud of you, of what you are doing. It must be hard to fight the main medias, and the government.
But I' m sure that you know that it is also a chance, to try to stop them in the future.
I' d like the french media, which are not better than yours, to talk about it.
If there is something to do, I' m gonna try it.

Keep on the courageous way

(sorry for my frenglish) ii

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! This really stinks of a cover up and the media is in on it! I have written my congressmen and demanded that congress look into this.

Anonymous said...

dear mr. haskell,

please could you provide further information about the above mentioned "obviously conclusion, the that the Sharp Dressed Man was a U.S. Government agent " during the hearings in Congress

perhaps you could provide further links, pdf-files and so on...

KurtHaskell said...


I will give you a tour of the courthouse if you want. I am down there all the time. It is not that exciting. LOL.

KurtHaskell said...


Thanks for the support. I am speaking out only as a means to inform the public of the true story. I don't believe you can have a free country if the truth is continually hidden from the citizens of the country.

KurtHaskell said...


I have contacted both of my Senators and my Congressman. All of them refuse to talk to me.

KurtHaskell said...


Please see my 1-28-10 article, which lays out the case that the Sharpd Dressed Man was a U.S. government agent. I am sure you can find video and transcripts if you do a google search.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.