Friday, February 12, 2010


By Kurt Haskell

This is a very interesting video, which backs up much of what I have been saying, but takes it a step further.


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Thank you this helped me to link this post to my facebook. Thank you for helping fight for our freedoms. God bless you and I am so glad you survived their sickness.

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Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

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Someone provided this link,
'Christmas Day Crotch Bomber Tied to Israel, FBI', on your blog earlier and it is one of the better articles on the Christmas incident I have run across. Particularly the FBI's involvement with Al-Awlaki over the years from San Diego 9/11/01 to being the supposed adviser to Mutallab now.And then their is a Pakistani American son of a diplomat, Mr.David Coleman Headley, or Daood Gilani, whose extradition to India was requested but denied by the December I believe.Mr.David Coleman Headley, or Daood Gilani with his CIA,FBI and DEA connections appears to have played a major role in planning the Mumbai massacre that left dead civilians at the Taj Hotel and surroundings,also left the far right Chabad Lubavitch Jewish guest house the scene of mass murder and rumors that some of the terrorists may have used it as a safe house for several days previous to massacre.Perhaps one of the worst tragedies of what the Indians refer to by date 26/11 was the mysterious unexplained death of Anti Terrorism Chief Hermant Karare who unhesitatingly followed all leads and suspects in terrorist acts whether they be Moslems Hindues or Americans such as Kenneth Heywood whose Yahoo! account sent a note warning of other Indian blasts before they occured..

Criminal State, Israel lobby, Washington Politics
Christmas Day Crotch Bomber Tied to Israel, FBI

February 7, 2010 by Jeff Gates ·

How did a young Nigerian Muslim without a passport “slip through” security at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport? Not only did his itinerary feature an illogical travel route, he paid cash for a high-priced last-minute ticket and boarded without checked baggage. How?

ICTS International, the security screening company at Schiphol, was founded by former members of Shin Bet, Israel’s civil security agency, and Israeli executives in charge of El Al security.....

It’s not yet clear whether FBI agents were monitoring the Nigerian while he too was advised by Al-Awlaki. If not, that would be an anomaly in a repetitive pattern of FBI complicity.

FBI agents not only monitored Major Hasan and Al-Awlaki before the Fort Hood shootings, they also monitored the San Diego hijackers while they were advised by Al-Awlaki. It gets better.......

The Iraq War Connection

Four days after 911, San Diego special agent Steven Butler came to the San Diego home of Iraqi-American Munther Ghazal, the Iraqi closest to Saddam Hussein then living in the U.S....

Agent Butler paid rent and cashed checks for the two San Diego hijackers while they were being advised by Al-Awlaki. What did Butler want to know? Was Ghazal funding Mel Rockefeller with whom he had traveled to Iraq in 1997.


Is Headley an American agent who turned rogue?
TNN 27 November 2009, 06:40am IST

NEW DELHI: It's a plot that could be straight out of the bluff-and-double-bluff worlds created by John le Carre and Frederick Forsyth. Only, it seems to have played out in real life, to the tragic misfortune of hundreds of innocent people. The tantalising possibility that David Coleman Headley may have been a US undercover agent who turned rogue is vexing many here as American authorities keep the US-based Lashkar jihadi out of the reach of Indian investigators......

It is felt that Headley's defection happened immediately afterwards and that is perhaps one of the reasons why Americans could not, unlike in September, sniff 26/11...

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Hebba Aref: Underwear Bomber Witness A Likely Mossad Asset

"...a young supposedly Arabic woman and lawyer by the name of Hebba Aref was a witness to the attack sitting only six rows behind Mutallab. She has been given a great deal of media coverage primarily due to her so-called Arabic background and the fact that she has been quite vocal speaking out against acts of terrorism in front of the corporate media...
...what is strange is that this is the same Hebba Aref who sparked controversy in 2008 during the U.S. presidential campaign. Aref claimed discrimination after her and another woman were barred from sitting behind the podium where Barack Obama was slated to speak during a campaign stop in Detroit. This story received a great deal of corporate controlled media coverage as it served as a wonderful distraction to divide people amongst racial lines. What are the odds that the same woman involved in such a large media controversy back in 2008 would also be a primary witness in the underwear bomber fiasco? The odds of this are astronomical unless she has some sort of ties to the intelligence community. In fact, it is curious that her statements about the underwear bomber incident have not only given credibility to the official story but have allowed the media to propagandize an anti-terror police state that is not just for Arabs but instead for everyone. In fact, she has even stated that despite being a privacy advocate, this incident changed her mind on airport security and made her believe that body scanners should be mandatory for everyone boarding an aircraft. Of course, you can't be both a privacy advocate and be for body scanners at the same time but that's the beauty of the Orwellian double think propaganda that she is spewing."


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opinion and speculation, just to try to figure out the truth:

Agree with above. Too convenient and purposeful, plus standout connection to speech.

Also Jasper, flying dutchman was called out as having been discussed as a CIA asset in a blog referring to a USA Today story from a couple of years back, just can't find any USA Today story like that to back it up. Maybe they had to have someone to take control so nobody broke bomber's neck. Sold pics to many news agencies (paid vacation), along with CNN, fingers healed from the "burns", note he couldn't write his report at the hospital, but he was sure banging his hands around in the CNN interview.

Wouldn't this be interesting, take all the eyewitness accounts from the news, w/timelines and animate all the activities of everyone that piped up about being a witness to even a small portion of it. I'd watch that. Maybe "crowdsource it for correctness".

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This is the back story of among other things, profiting from the scanners. Nice video work. 5:00

To be sure, this isn't the sharp dressed man at 5:29, right?

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Is this the same guy as above?

KurtHaskell said...

The man at 5:29 is definitely not the sharp dressed man. However, he does resemble a picture of a man I was shown by the FBI on 12-29-09.

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Interesting someone should post a link to an article about CNN's Deepak Chopra because I have been wondering if the Chopra's of Montreal are related to him.That might explain their silence on the
ICTS connection and promotion of more x rays as the answer.
After all it is CNN that is part of the media blackout of all mention of ICTS International's role in the Northwest flight 253 Amsterdam Detroit Christmas special
not to mention ICTS's role in 911.
Has anyone but me noticed that ?
CNN did not report or mention ICTS International on or after 9/11 and they haven't mentioned them in this case either.
In 2005 CNN and Wolf Blitzer were sued for $100,000,000 in Florida by British Israeli penny stock fraudster and money launderer Michael Zwebner and his Air Water Corp or UCSY, with close ties to ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert,that claimed to manufacture 'air water'
machines outside Jerusalem among other places but really used U.S. penny stock shares for fraud and money laundering - all because I posted criticism of their ties and their UCSY or Air Water Corp fraud on a penny stock promotion site and message board called CNN avoided reporting this news as well because it would have meant investigative journalism that would expose not only Israeli use of U.S.penny stocks for fraud AND MONEY LAUNDERING against Americans but particularly Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's involvement. wrote a hilariously biased article about the incident in 2005 (that they recently took offline but is still on siliconinvestor)and pretended Zwebner with many shady business deals including with mafia and in the UK phone call business was a legit businessman that I, an anonymous poster 'wolfblitzzer0',was harrassing.But Blitzer and CNN covered up and protected them as well.
I emailed Bliotzer at the time to let him know I was wolfblitzzer0 but he and CNN were only interested in cover up to protect Olmert and his financial and war crimes.
- Tony Ryals

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Hi, can answer me please in the Comments, whether the SDM is shown in the photo here

We can also reveal that the un-named Indian associate of Flight 253 Christmas Day attempted bombing terrorist, Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab, who helped him board Flight 253 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Holland was a member of U.S. Defense Intelligence and actually attended the State dinner that President Barack Obama hosted for Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, on Tuesday, November 24, 2009.


Thanks for your infos!

KurtHaskell said...

He is definitely not in this picture. The remainder of your post is interesting. I am not sure who Tom Heneghan is or what his credentials are though. If you can provide any further info, please do so.

Anonymous said...

Thx, he is a Journalist for Reuters? and has may be good insider Sources.

Possibly interesting sites for you..

all beyond Mainstream-Trash!

Peace from Germany (:

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This Dallas News editorial is interesting as an example of what people like you or I face when we
get anywhere near the topic of 9/11.
This 'libertarian' Medina however does not impress me.Those who parade under the title of 'libertarian' are mainly far right fascists themselves although attempting to make themselves out to be kinder gentler fascists.Probably the guy writing this Dallas News Death Penalty Blog considers himself a 'libetarian' as well.
Ron Paul has lied for his fellow libertarians James Dale Davidson and Mark Skousen who is also part of Davidson's and Bill Bonner's and the Lard(lord)William Rees-Mogg's Agora Inc. penny stock pump and dump
'company Agora and attended their Freedom Fest(that I call fraud freedom fest),in Las Vegas,Nevada,a couple of years ago and wrote to the U.S.SEC shortly after about stopping 'naked short selling',a term virtually made up by NTU founder Davidson to distract from his many SEC protected penny stock pumps and dumps.
Ron Paul won't even be decent enough to keep his views on birth control and abortion to himself but wishes to force his warped views on women he doesn't even know just like Pope John Paul who he thinks he the reincarnation of...Yeah real
'libertarian'.If only he were to be as opposed to stock fraud as he is birth control.
I'm only surprised that Landauer and the Dallas News left my comment re ICTS and Securacom in the comments - so far.......Other comments on this Dallas News blog are worth reading to see what you,Lori and Kurt,are up against in persuing the truth.But I'm glad you are willing to stand up for the truth.


Debra Medina's support for death penalty moratorium is worse than useless
1:44 PM Mon, Feb 15, 2010
Michael Landauer/Editor

Somehow, Debra Medina, the toxic GOP candidate for governor, used her empathy for 9/11 truthers to explain why she thinks there should be a moratorium on executions in Texas..

Essentially, she is saying that she believes there are some credible doubts at the government's ability to tell the truth . You know, sometimes government prosecutors get it wrong on issues of justice, hence the need for a moratorium on executions. And sometimes, White House officials who are cozy with Israel and energy companies conspire to blow up the World Trade Center. Um, no ...

Posted by Tony Ryals @ 8:02 PM Mon, Feb 15, 2010
Still the historic fact remains that Texas' former Congressman Dick Armey twisted the arms of fellow congressman post 9/11 to give immunity and have no investigation of companies involved in the security of Logan Airport Boston,Dulles Airport Washington, D.C.,and Newark New Jersey.
He was not alone and airport x ray salesman and ex Homeland Security chief and Israeli government spokesman Michael Chertoff was always hoovering in the background among others.

And now we are told once again by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) that it is somehow unpatriotic and harmful or worse an insult to American soldiers,(who continue to die for 9/11 lies),to want a real investigation of 9/11.

However we are still living with Dick Armey's cover up for ICTS International which was an Israeli stock fraud incorporated in Joe Biden's state of Delaware in 1999 and placed immediately on Bernie Madoff's and Mary Schapiro's NASDAQ...Securacom of Marvin Bush and his presumed cousin Wirt Walker III and Mishal Yousef Saud al Sabah of Kuwait royals who hated Saddam Hussein did unknown work at our Los Alamos nuclear research site in New Mexico as well as work at the WTC and Dulles where one of the 9/11 planes took off from.It was also a stock fraud that went 'public' at $8.50 per share in 1997...