Sunday, February 28, 2010

News Herald Article

Below is a link to another article Kurt was in. I do not like the title of this article at all, and if you read the content, it has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. Kurt and I were speaking that day and telling our stories, not trying to talk about conspiracy theories. I guess whatever they need to do to draw the readers in, LOL. Kinda tacky though, IMO.........

The News Herald: Breaking news coverage for Southgate, MI


Anonymous said...

They(News Herald)certainly didn't break with post 9/11 tradition and simply mention the strange coincidences behind those who were guarding Schiphol did they ? No they appear to have a new black out policy re ICTS International as well just like the big digital rags that pass for 'newspapers'.
If I were a journalist it would stand out like chicken pox that ICTS International that 'guarded' Logan Boston and admitted responsibility or lack thereof for Flight 175 slamming into the WTC on 9/11/01 in its own SEC filings and also 'accidentally' allowing Richard Reid 'the shoe bomber' aboard an American Airlines flight to the U.S. from De Gualle Airport France shortly after 9/11 IS THE EXACT SAME 'COMPANY' RESPONSIBLE
And if they could read SEC filings they'd also SOON come to realise the U.S.SEC has allowed members of this Israeli terrorist network(in my humble opinion),who 'guarded' Logan on 9/11 to
operate numerous stock frauds against Americans going back DECADES !Why!?
And if the Herald News did investigative journalism rather than sensationalist titles they would realise the truth was sensationist enough and certainly more so than their title.
Could someone please provide them with a link to SEC filings where Menachem Atzmon explains their role in 9/11? Can someone explain to them why the Huntleigh
rent a cops and contract on Logan were bought from money stolen from American investors on the NASDAQ, PENNY STOCK AND PINKSHEETS STOCK MARKETS ? Does the News Herald realise Menachem Atzmon was convicted of the equivalent of money laundering in Israel and is VERY Israeli government and was still allowed to incorporate in Joe Biden's state of Delaware in 2999 and pimp his shares on Bernie Madoff's and now SEC Chair Mary Schapiro's NASDAQ IN ORDER TO BUY HUNTLEIGH AN THE CONTRACT OUT ON LOGAN AIRPORT BOSTON PRE 9/11 ?
Conspiracy ? Hah.
And if someone could tell me if it is legal in the U.S.for an Iraeli or any other nationality convicted for money laundering or any other grave offense,(such as Menachem Atzmon was),to be allowed to incorporate a scam or 'business' in the U.S. in the first place I'd sure like to know...
-Tony Ryals said...

Karl Ziomek, who likely wrote the headline, has links to Heritage Newspapers, held by Prechter Holdings. Heinz Prechter was an avid supporter and fundraiser for the Bush family. It is likely that some of this connection continues. My sense is the Bush family has a large interest in consigning inconvenient facts to "conspiracy theory". Unfortunately I think we are seeing, in the headline, the first expression of an attack on the inconvenient facts that Kurt observed. Regards, Bruce

The Telecrap Urinal said...

You guys really need to use your expertise as lawyers and sue the government over this whole incident. As time goes on you are going to be continued to ridiculed by mainstream media. Before they get a chance to complete their hatchet job, you need to fight back.

Shama said...

Kurt is making the Government, Secret Services and Delta nervous.They want Kurt and the story of NW 253 to go away. It is too inconveninet for them. They remind me of an incident when I owned Jewellry Stores. I caught a young girl stealing a gold ring. Her Mother gave me shit for catching her daughter.
Kurt Haskel and Lori, I know this must be rough but you got to keep the story going. In the largest disaster in Aviation History Air India 182 blew at 31,000 feet. I had many friends on that flight. The brother of teh First Officer, Mr. Bhinder, and I studied together in school. It took 20 years for the Criminal investigation and teh perpetrators are scot free..Not Guilty. This is what happens when we do not keep the story alive.
So keep it up, my friends..raman

Anonymous said...

Jerusalem Post

Israel, US to share airline terror intel
03/03/2010 01:26

Israel and the United States have signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) increasing intelligence-sharing on aviation terror, the Transportation Ministry announced Tuesday.

The MOU was signed Tuesday by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz in Jerusalem and US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in Washington. It was finalized following talks the two held in the US in July.

Under the MOU, the two countries will establish a mechanism to enable the effective flow of intelligence on potential aviation terror attacks between the US Transportation Security Agency and the Transportation Ministry’s Security Department, which works in conjunction with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

“This type of cooperation is of unique importance and will grant us the ability to provide an effective response to developing threats in the aviation world,” Katz said.

The new MOU comes about two months after Nigerian national Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried blowing up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 en route from Amsterdam to Detroit. In the December 25 attempt, he was allegedly carrying explosives hidden in his underwear.

Hmmmm, "talks" in July, one month before the first underwear bomb. Interesting.