Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Scott Horton and Charles Goyette Show

Kurt on the Scott Horton Show Yesterday.

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Rudy Dekkers said...

Scott Horton is the world's number one expert on the evil empire.

I wish he would have delved deep into the mysterious tax feeding Beau Taylor.

You know what would be cool? When he's not doling out pallets of stacked $100 bills in the occupied territories (aka "international development consulting"), perhaps Beau would be available to debate Kurt on item numbers 1-11 from Kurt's evidence indicating that Beau's call was made from someone trying to shut Kurt up.

Anonymous said...

Been trying to make sense of this incident.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I think that Kurt and Lori Haskell are a breath of fresh air, in the cesspool of corruption that now governs this country of ours, which is ruled by zionism and militarism. I feel so sorry for the youth of today, and think the Christmas Day airplane firemaker, was a false flag incident to cause Americans to all the more distrust Muslims, accept being scanned, clipped, and deprived of liberty, and 'justify' continuing incursions into Yemen, Pakistan, Iran, etc, ad nauseum.