Thursday, May 13, 2010

bullet points

So, so, far behind. Should do some bullet points to try and catch up, I think! :).

  • We had an amazing experience recently at Comerica Park. I bought Kurt a package for his birthday, which is called "Join The Press Fantasy Package". Kurt is impossible to buy for, as he never wants anything, and if he does, he always just buys it when he wants it, thus, I can never surprise him or get him something he has really been wanting. Anyway, I found this and I knew it was perfect. Anyway, he was super psyched through the entire thing. We started off with a tour of the entire Press box including meeting Dan Dickerson and Jim Price (the radio announcers), meeting Rod and Mario (the TV announcers), walking through the writers area, seeing the areas where visiting radio and TV are, etc. Super kewl. We then went to our seats to watching the first inning and a half of the game and see the Ernie Harwell tribute. Which was amazing. I cried when they raised the "EH" flag for Ernie, he was such an amazing guy and a legend in Detroit. After that, we headed back up to spend time in the radio and TV booths. The guy taking us around got us the autographs of the four announcers on a baseball, as well as Ray Lane who was in the box to talk on air. We also met two Detroit Free Press writers, I read their columns all the time in the newspaper. Got to meet the VP of Public Relations for the Tigers who was an awesome really kewl guy who showed up around. We got to have dinner in the Champions Club, which is a special area for season ticket holders who buy special passes. Free food, awesome viewing of the game, TVs, etc. Oh, and the Tigers won! Against the Yankees! Whoot! It was all a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we loved it. Kurt was so excited thru the whole thing. Click here to see pics.

  • Picture above is of Kurt and Jim price, one of the radio announcers.....
  • Went to Cleveland last weekend for the Tigers game. Ended up having complete crap weather, but still had a really good time. Left work at 230 on Friday and drove to Cleveland, checked into our hotel, which was right next door to the stadium. Walked to the game and had aMAZing seats in Row 2, right behind Tigers dugout. People were really nice there, even though we are techically the enemy. hehe. Watched almost 5 innings, and it started ended up rained out. The next day, we went to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, got massages, and had dinner with Kurt's friend, Terry, and his family in Strongsville at a really kewl brewery. We will most likely be back when the make-up game is, since we already have awesome tickets! Click here to see pics.
  • My Mom was here to visit the week before Mother's Day, staying at our house on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We had a great time.....Rebecca came over to see her on Wednesday as well, and we had dinner at Nick and Nino's and got free Corona hats! :). I ended up taking part of the day off on Thursday, and Mom and I went shopping, had lunch and got massages at Somata. I loved having her here, and can't wait until I see her again.

    **Mom and Me at Nick and Nino's with our free hats.

    She brought me bday gifts early as well, a really nice multi-purpose kitchen knife with cases, a bamboo cutting board, and a Tigers girlie hat. Love the stuff. I gave her my old camera as her Mother's Day gift and I know she will love it like I loved it.
  • Megan is leaving for Mexico tomorrow morning, so the office is going to be crazy until she gets back.
  • Dont know why I say the above, because the office will be crazy regardless, LOL.
  • Today, the office was INSANE. It totally felt like a Monday. Except, it's almost Friday! Whoot!
  • Kurt found an awesome piece of property to look at in Costa Rica while we are there, which, if it pans out, has like every trait we want in a property. 85 hectares, rain forest, animals galore, river runs through the property, only like 30 minutes from San Jose, only 20 minutes from Jaco (a little surf town I love), only 20 minutes from the beach, fruit trees on the property.....we will see.
  • Kory moved out permanently. It's weird with it being just the two of us here again, although since kory spent a lot of time upstairs on his own floor while here, it is not too different.
  • Got pedis yesterday with Jessica after work at a place I never tried before, VIP Salon, in Riverview. Loved the place. Super nice, and great priced for a spa! I will be going back for sure.

Not much else going on here. Looking forward to a low key weekend. Have an eye doctor appointment, and that's the only plan I have to leave this house. I am sure I will do something else, but nothing set in stone yet, which is nice after a really busy last couple weeks.


Rebecca said...

30 minutes from San Jose, Puerto Rico??

Lori H said...

no silly, san jose costa Rica (the capital). Although your choice would be kewl too, just in the wrong direction.....:)

Nancy V. said...

Hehe I'm too tired. I went 'HUH?' when I read'Riverview' because we have a Riverview here too hehe

Erin said...

Wow! The possibility of your own little chunk of Costa Rica heaven! That would be fantastic!