Saturday, May 01, 2010

Camera Love

So, nothing exciting this week. A lot of court, yet again. I did get one full day in the office though, which was nice.

So, I noticed on our Indy trip that the lens on my camera (my Tamron 28-300mm IS) was sticking some, but I thought it was maybe the really cold weather. Turns out, it was breaking. I tried to use it yesterday, and the lens is stuck where it will not extend any further than 70mm). So, I went online to research a new one, as I have not been overly thrilled with thee Tamron anyway. I had a Sigma prior to this Tamron, and even though it did not have IS, I liked it better than the Tamron. So, while searching the Canon 50d kept popping up. AND, Canon has an amazing rebate deal going on right now. And, a lot of sites had deals if you bought the camera and a lens. So, even though I don't necessarily need it, I bought the 50d and a Canon 70-300mm IS lens. So excited for it to get here. Going to give my Mom the Rebel, as she really likes it. I will give her the kit lens as well, since I have never used it once. I have had the Rebel almost 4 years, so I don't feel too guilty about buying the new one, and we all know it will get a lot of good use. ;). I think I take more pics on one vacation than most people take in thier lives, haha.

had a pretty relaxing weekend. Spent time with Kurty, and we went with Kory Saturday morning for him to pick up his new (used) car. I think he was kinda sad to turn his truck in, but he needed something more gas friendly for law school. And, his truck had almost 200,000 miles on it, crazy!

Went outside for a couple minutes today before it started storming to take a couple pics of spring flowers and trees in our yard with my macro lens. Click here to see them. I love Spring and color coming back into my MI world!

Two shirts I ordered came in the mail this week. One says "Pugs not Drugs" (which I wore to dinner on Friday night and LOVE), and the other says "Lawyers are Cool" (in black) and has a little rainbow on it, which I plan on wearing to work on a day when I don't have court. Which never seems to happen these days.

**My new goal is to get pics of me and the pugs/kitty. Which is difficult when taking the pics yourself. The pugs generally want to kiss me, and have no interest in looking at the camera. This is me and gretel olivia. our little princess. Her shirt says "Love Being a Princess".

Cleaned the house some today, but nowhere near as much as I needed to. Oh well. I need rest too and sometimes doing nothing is needed (especially since this is going to be a crazy busy week). Prob will not have much time to post this week as my Mom will be in town, I have Board stuff and work is crazy busy as well. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Nancy V. said...

If your mom doesn't want the Rebel I do!! hehe

Brittany said...

The new camera sounds awesome!!

Lisa said...

So jealous of your new camera! How much are you loving it??

Amber said...

Beautiful flower pics! And of course the Pug shirt! :)