Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy Work Week

This was a crazy week. Both crazy, and insanely busy. I filed more family law cases (divorce, custody, etc) this week than I think I ever have in one week, as well as a ton of bankruptcies, and I have to file more bankruptcies online this weekend, when we work on Sunday. We had the other side on one of our divorce cases actually drive his wife to our office and sit in the parking lot. He told her to call us and tell us that they were coming in so she could fire us. She did not want to fire us. He told her if she did not, she would never see her child again. He has a lawyer, and had no business even being near my office, as I can't talk to him or deal with him. This guy is a major control freak, and has been dictating everything to her for the years of their marriage. Anyway, I told her he was NOT coming in the office, or I would be calling the Police, so he stayed in the car. I sent Megan out to take pics of him so I could show the Judge what a loon he is. Then I called his lawyer and told him to tell his client to back the hell off. Anyway, client ended up not firing us, and the Judge granted me an emergency hearing date to deal with the crazy person's behavior. we are actually concerned about our client's safety with this guy though. She cannot tear herself away from doing anything and everything the guy says, including letting him keep their baby and she is only seeing the baby if she goes over to his house and he is there. Cannot wait to argue that hearing.

Made an awesome new recipe tonight, that I slightly modified. The recipe is for Chili-Garlic Glazed Salmon. I modified and made it with ahi tuna instead, since that was what I had thawed in the frig. Also, it said to simply broil the fish, but I grilled it first, then broiled, and halved the recipe since it was just me and Kurt eating. Anyway, super good. Made it with low sodium Zatarain's Jambalaya Rice. Super yum. Kurt was a fan as well.

After work, we stopped at Dunham's as Kurt wanted to buy this Ab Coaster machine we saw last time we were there. We both kinda wanted something for our living room that we could use after a workout, while watching TV and throughout the night. I used it a bit tonight and WOW, great workout. PAIN. Great purchase. Oh, and the really nice cashier gave us 10% off, without us even asking for it! Super nice.

So, I am taking a solo trip to Birch Run tomorrow for outlet shopping. Everyone I normally go with is busy, and really, I kinda enjoy aimlessly wandering myself. I desperately need some clothing that FITS. I did get a referral to a tailor who I called today and left a message with because I am hoping some of my skirts can be saved to the suits I really like. I am so thrilled getting back to my pre-law school self and having time to think about eating right and working out again. I want to start running 5Ks again, and found one in late April near the office that I think I am going to do, it raises money for a local guidance center that a lot of our clients take their kids to. oh, and last Sunday's weigh-in, I was up to 50.2 lbs lost, which is so weird to me. I started this journey off wanting to lose like 20 lbs. I did not even know I had 50 lbs to lose.

Anyway, need to get some sleep. Hope everyone had a nice St Patrick's Day!


Candice said...

I don't know how you deal with all this family stressful!

Congrats on the weight loss. You should post a before and after pic...50 lbs. Wow!

Nancy V. said...

I agree, I want to see a before and after! Congratulations!!

colfin said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! You go girl!!!!