Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deals Galore

I decided to go outlet shopping yesterday, as I desperately need some new clothes. I headed to Birch Run, which is my fav Michigan shopping venue. Not the best outlet mall in the country, but the best in the state of MI. It is about 1 hour 45 minutes from my house. Since I waited until the last minute, none of my shopping buddies were available to go, but I thought it was prob best I went on my own anyway as I really needed to spend some time figuring out my size and trying things on and I did not want to bore anyone. Anyway, the drive there was nice. Perfect weather for driving. Got there, and headed to customer service to pick up a coupon book (free of charge with a coupon I got online and my AAA card). Also had my 30% off coupon for Banana/Old Navy/Gap that I got via email. Score! :).

First purchases were at Ann Taylor. Love the store, hate the retail prices. PERFECT Lori work store though. I find deals here every single time I go to Birch Run, and this time was the same! There were a ton of clearance racks in the back, and I started piling stuff up to try on. Got into the dressing room and all the pants were too big. AARGH. Good, but annoying. Went back out and grabbed the next size down. Ended up buying two suit coats (marked down to $8 each), one pair of pants, and a cute t-shirt, all for $50! In the retail store, just one suit coat would have been like $169! Next purchases were at Calvin Klein. I bought two tanks (purple and pink) to wear under suits, a dressy shirt for work on a clearance rack, and a cute skirt to wear on vacay (too short for court, although maybe I could wear in the office when I dont have court). On to Banana Republic. Found Kurt a sweater marked down to $4. Bought myself a grey pin striped suit and a dress shirt. Next, Dress Barn. Bought a really cute dress with a shrug, and a pair of dress pants. Overall, really productive shopping day. Since I am still dropping weight, I never want to buy a ton, but I think I am getting closer to my goals, so hopefully this stuff lasts.

Speaking of which, lost 3.6 more pounds this week! I could not believe it. And Kurt lost 4.2 pounds. I am up to 54.2 pounds lost now. And, all the skirts I bought were between sizes 4-6, and pants between 4-6 as well. Shirts medium. I love, love, love seeing results from working hard at this since September.

Tonight, Val came over for dinner. Dan is super busy with tax season and could not make it, but it was nice to see her and Lucky! :). We went to dinner at Dolce Vita, and while my meal was healthy enough, I ate way too much bread. I rarely eat out, but I cannot resist that stupid bread basket. Now, my stomach feels like lead. Ugh. Bad bread. I worked out twice today though, so hopefully it does not affect my progress. Worked some today while Kurt cleaned the house, and i got 6 more bankruptcies filed and a bunch of family law stuff done, which is great since I have court all morning tomorrow. I hate coming back to a pile of work on my desk and I cleared most of it off.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Nicole said...

Lori! Such amazing progress with a healthy lifestyle. I can't remember what it is that you do. I know you've mentioned it several times but I can't remember anything!

Great deals! I haven't been to Birch Run in so many years. Are there children clothing store there? It's time to get spring/summer clothes for my monkeys and with three it is best to shop sales!

Hope court goes well!

colfin said...

Well done on the shopping! And again, so impressed and proud of you with the weight loss! That is so awesome!!!!

Megan said...

I love hearing about all the deals you got while outlet shopping... how great! Makes shopping so much fun!