Sunday, March 27, 2011


*******Took the pic above this week for my Mom. She is doing some kind of thing for my Grampa and wanted me to take this pic. I think my finger looks freakishly long in the pic. odd. I still think my name should be above Kurt's, but, since we go in order of when you joined the firm, Kurt was technically a lawyer before me. Ha.

Work hard, play hard.....seems to be our mantra. :). Had a pretty busy weekend, but worked some "fun" in there as well. Friday night, we had tickets to see Sarah Silverman at The Fillmore. I was wondering where The Fillmore was, and then I realized that it is actually the new name of the State Theatre. Never knew the name changed, I guess I don't go out again! :). Anyway, we left work a half hour early so we could go home and work out, eat dinner, and change for the show. Drove to Detroit, got there in record time so we got a drink and Kurt got popcorn and we waited for the show to start. She had two opening acts and then her act. Show was great, and it was nice to get out on a Friday night. Saturday, we worked a few hours, then I ran into town to return a shirt at TJ Maxx that I grabbed the wrong size off the rack of. Of course, the shirt was no longer there, so I just had to return it. Boo. While there, I found a really cute Calvin Klein black sweater shrug, and another black shirt to wear over tanks and stuff. Also, totally scored on the beauty rack, they had a TON of Philosophy body washes for like half off retail, so I stocked up on those. Will take a while to use, but worth it to stock up since I usually pay regular price at sephora or on the philosophy website. I started using lemon angel food cake this morning and it smells heavenly. Stopped at Ciolino's in Monroe and bought some fruits and veggies. I was craving cantaloupe, so i bought one and cut it up. Super yummy. Stopped at the mall cuz I had a coupon for Elder Beerman. Found nothing there, but decided to stop in Maurices and found a ton of stuff there I liked (see below). I also found a great dress on clearance, but cant find a pic. I am going to wear it with a black suit coat to work, but I could also wear it with my cobalt blue or black shrug.
Saturday night, we went to a charity fundraiser for a local Catholic elementary school. One of the clerks at court invited us, as she was helping run it and her kids go there. Anyway, we had a really nice time. The dress was casual, so I had no clue what to wear. I ended up wearing black dress pants, a new black and white striped short sleeve shirt I bought and my new CK sweater shrug, with red heels and cute jewelry. Was glad I did not wear jeans, as most people were dressed similar to me. There was a buffet, a silent auction, and a live auction. They also had music and dancing later on, but we left before that started as we were both kinda tired. Great night out though. Made a great new recipe tonight. Click here to see how to make the fabulous Chipotle Bean Burritoes (found in Food Network magazine). I slightly modified Kurt's and added mild pepper rings. I also used low fat sour cream. For mine, I used a wheat tortilla and no sour cream or cheese. Anyway, these were a hit in our household! I made mine with ahi tuna and spaghetti squash, Kurt had his with miso soup. Weird combos, I know, but we are weird with what we eat. I made Kurt two, and me one, and we had lots of leftovers for another night as I made the entire recipe instead of halving it. One of my favorite attorneys is now a Referee at the Friend of the Court where I practice all the time. I stopped in to see her on the bench this week, wearing her robe, looking all powerful and important! :). Talked her into a pic and stayed and talked for a while. Holly and I went to a Welcome Judge Hubbard party this week. Was actually pretty fun. They had a spread of food in the courtroom, decorations, etc. and we got to talk to a lot of the Judges/referees/local attys/court staff, etc. Had a nice time and Judge Mccarthy did us a favor and took a pic of us standing behind the bench. We can never take pics during court, so it was kinda fun to get the pic! :). Statrted cleaning out my closet and it's kinda embarassing how many pairs of pants i have to get rid of. I will prob donate to Good Will, unless I can figure out another good use. I also have several suits coats, and some shirts. Ugh. I mean, I am glad I lost the weight, but replenishing a huge wardrobe kinda sucks financially. I will just keep clearance and outlet shopping. Lost another 1.6 pounds this week, so still not sure if I am done losing or not. Kurt lost another 3.6 pounds and is getting really close to his goal weight. He is now thinking he may need to lose 10 more pounds than his goal weight to get his "6 pack" though, so we will see. I will be happy when he is eating meals again every night and not eating only protein shakes, yogurt and fruit/veggies. I actually LIKE cooking dinner.

Anyway, this is getting long.........Hope everyone had a nice week and an even better weekend.

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