Sunday, January 06, 2013


It has been so freaking cold here.  It almost makes you not want to do anything that requires leaving the house.  Ugh.  I asked Kurt if he was working out with me tonight (which requires walking to the basement of our house) and he said "no, I am too cold to change".  And  our house is not even cold, LOL.

Had a nice weekend of NOT working.  We ran some errands on Saturday (had to pick up a package from FedEx, stopped at the office to pick up my phone charger & sunglasses I forgot and get the weekend deposit, picked up my car from the shop), and then I went on to finish family holiday shopping.  While shopping, I found the perfect pearl ring on clearance that I had to buy.  I have been looking for a pearl ring forEVER and any ring I find I like is way high priced, until this weekend!  Here is what I got:

Also, while at the office, I found my new point and shoot had arrived.  So, I got that out tonight and started programming it and figuring it out.  it seems really nice.  I got it on eBay in a package that came with memory, a case, and a cleaning kit.  Really good deal.  Glad to have one again.  I don't like carting my DSLR around everywhere.

That night, we headed to my aunt Karen's for a late holiday party with my Dad's side of the family.  It was nice to see everyone.

Today, I had lunch with my friend, Mel, and then stopped at Target, Kohl's to return a couple items, and Kroger for grocery shopping.

I made an awesome recipe tonight from zucchini.

Click here to see the recipe.  I used 1/2 cup too much zucchini (read the recipe wrong) but it still came out awesome.  Also, I deleted the nuts as I did not have anything but pine nuts on hand.

Anyway, hope everyone else had a nice weekend too!  :)


COL said...

LOVE the ring! So pretty!

Candice said...

That ring is so pretty! Hope you enjoyed the warmer weather today!