Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun With Food--BBQ "Chicken" Salad

I made an amazing lunch today! Here is what i used, nothing fancy, but it was super yum and only like 165 calories. weirdly filling for being so low cal too.

Trader Joe's Butter Lettuce 67 Grams (basically, iceberg lettuce, you could sub any kind of lettuce here)
Kroger's Baby Carrots cut up 18 grams (again any carrots will work)
Wishbone low fat Italian dressing 1 serving (2 TBSP) (any dressing will work, but this is one of a few we keep at home because of the low fat content)
Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Pulled chicken in BBQ sauce 1 serving (bought in the refrigerated section of TJs)

***obvi, you could add any other veggies, etc. to this recipe, I was just starving and did not feel like cutting anything else up.

I had never tried the last item until today and I just aimlessly bought it at TJ's. Anyway, incredible! This low cal salad packed 17 grams of protein and only 4 grams of fat. Whoot.

So, super easy take on a chicken salad, for those of you who do not eat meat, or who like to have days with no meat consumption.  :).  I will be making this again soon.  Maybe tonight for dinner.  :).

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