Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Workout

I work out almost every day.  I decided about a week ago to order a video from Netflix to try and put some spin on my workouts.  After doing the workout below, I am def going to start ordering more videos.  Using them insures I push myself and don't half ass my workouts.  I can actually from the short time doing this feel improvements to my abs, legs and arms.  What's great about the ab stuff is that you don't do ANY crunches.

I ordered Jillian Michael's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.  Anyway, I first tried to do this on Saturday, when I was sick.  Could only do about half before I had to stop as I could not breathe and kept coughing.  Felt better on Sunday and have done it every day Sunday-Thursday.  AWESOME workout.  Kurt tried to do it with me on Monday and had to stop half way through because he was exhausted!  It was funny because he was SURE it would be insanely easy for him. It's a totally different workout then running and biking and other cardio I do.  The entire video is circuit training, and non-stop.  Click here for an online review of the video and what is on it.  Basically, I really like Jillan's style and attitude, and the fact that the video is not all girly and dance-like.  Great workout, but def not for beginners.  The whole video with warmup and stretch at the end is 50 minutes, so I usually do something else afterwards as a cooldown, like biking and watching Veronica Mars.  :).

Monday downtown was reallllllly annoying.  The auto show is going on, which it has the past 7 years I have been working downtown.  However, this time, my parking lot was closed (I park about 2 blocks from the court).  Ford Media has bought it for two days, and the general public could not park there.  I ended up having to park about 0.7 miles away from the court, which does not sound bad, but it is when you have almost no change for the meter, are wearing 4 inch heels and it's 28 degrees outside.  Trying to be positive, I was happy to get 1.4 miles of cardio done for the day!  Heh!  Court went really well, and I got to meet one of the new Judges, so the morning was not a total loss.  I was so thrilled to see my parking lot open again on Wednesday, let me tell you.  I actually have started carrying flats though, because of this incident, and now wear them to walk from my car to the court and then switch to heels when I get there.  My flats easily slide into my briefcase.

Nothing else major going on this week.  Hope everyone is staying warm!  I know I will be happy to be in warm weather again.

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