Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year, friends!  :).

I had an absolutely fabulous New Year's Eve.  We were supposed to go to a friends' house for drinks and hanging out, but her daughter got the flu and they did not want to infect everyone, so they cancelled and we decided to stay in, which is our fav thing to do on NYE anyway.  Our night consisted of a competitive game of Sequence, a bottle of champagne I bought for the night from Whole Foods, and some mixed drinks, as well as football bowl games.  It was awesome, and we were in bed by 1201 AM.  Loved every second.  Also, the champagne we had was really good.  It was on sale at Whole Foods.  Anyone have any suggestions on champagnes they really like?  We rarely drink, but like champagne to celebrate once in a while.

Decided to go shopping today, as Dillard's has their one day sale of the year on New Year's Day.  Boy, that place was crazy.  And had some amazing deals.  I don't really need anything, so I was just going to wander.  I was kinda on a mission to find some new shirts for work to wear under suit coats (i.e. tanks).  I ended up finding some awesome deals.  I found my Dad two pairs of jeans for Christmas (which is on his list), and got two shirts (one Calvin Klein, one Kensie) for work, and another Ralph Lauren blue long sleeve shirt for casual.  I also really scored in lingerie, where I got really pricey bars for $5-7 each.  I then walked around the mall, and ended up buying a tank on clearance at Banana Republic, three tanks at NY and Co on clearance, and a pair of earrings on clearance at The Limited.  I bought two new suit coats by CABI in a trunk sale over the holidays, and am looking forward to wearing those this week to work with the new tanks.

Here is the stuff I got, some links online and some pics I took cuz I could not find links:

CABI stuff.  This stuff is never marked down, and since it is the end of the CABI season, I got it for half off, whoot.  The lady who sells it to me delivered it to the office on Monday.

Stuff from today

First shirt, Calvin Klein.  I loved the little gold bar across the front.

Black tank from NY and Co.

Kensie, black tank, I loved the lace at the bottom.

nonwork shirt.  Super comfy.  mostly I liked the color.  :).

Banana Republic Clearance.  Find of the day, only $6.

Also, got the following, click links.

The Limited Earrings: http://www.thelimited.com/Bezel-Set-Stud-Earrings/1532614,default,pd.html

The really kewl part of today was I spent $0!  I got a gift card from one of my credit cards for turning in points, and I still have $$ left on the card.  Whoot.  I love NOT spending $$ and getting things.

I booked our Costa Rica flights for Kurt's bday this weekend as well.  We are going for a week in February.  We will be looking at some houses, as well as really looking at the area, i.e. grocery stores, fish markets, where to buy a car, where you bank, etc.  Really talking to people about the complexity of getting things set up for a move there.  We are going to stay at least two nights in Jaco, and then play the rest by ear.  Can't wait.  I booked our rental SUV, and our first night at the airport since we fly in really late, and our two nights in Jaco.  The rest is up in the air at this point, but we will figure it out.  Stuff never really sells out totally in Costa Rica.

Hope everyone had an awesome holiday, welcome to 2013!  :)

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Julia said...

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne is THE BEST! You should check it out!
Happy New Year!