Sunday, August 25, 2013

Deja Vu?

So, flying back from Costa Rica earlier this month, we had the strangest thing happen to us.  Total, terrifying, deja vu.

We had flown from San Jose to Ft Lauderdale, and were waiting for our next flight to Detroit.  We were there pretty early, eating dinner we had bought.  We were sitting right next to the gate and the flight before ours to Port of Spain was leaving through Caribbean Airlines, which I had never heard of before.

While sitting there, I suddenly found myself listening to an eerie conversation.  I heard a flight attendant talking to a man who did not have a valid passport.  His passport had expired in MARCH, and he had not renewed it yet.  Which means, you do not get on a plane.  Right?  I knew better.  Kurt started videoing the incident as the last time he witnessed this, nobody believed him and thought it was ludicrous to suggest that anyone would get on an international flight without a passport. How did this guy even get through security to begin with?

We heard the flight attendant tell him she would have to call a supervisor.  She did, and after some talk, the supervisor apparently thought it was fine to let him on and they proceeded to get on the plane.  Wow, it's easier to board a flight without a passport than to take an extra bag on your flight!  LOL.

While we were videoing, some passengers from the flight came over and asked what we were doing and told Kurt videoing was illegal (which it is not).  I have no idea who these guys were or why they cared. It was very odd.  We told them we would not stop and why.

Anyway, normally, I would report this.  But, I learned from my past experience that the government does not care about this and generally knows about it.  I think it's amusing though because I know I would be read the riot act if I tried to go through an airport without proper ID, but others seem to have no problem at all.

So now twice I have seen this myself.  I have no doubt this happens all the time, regardless of those who insist it never does.  Be careful flying everyone.  Be aware.  Your government does not have your best interests at heart, knows this goes on, and encourages it in some instances, like our Underwear Bomber flight.

This incident terrified me.  I was having flashbacks to our flight and my plane being on fire.  After Kurt stopped videoing, I heard the person running the desk say to someone else "I dont know why that guy was videoing me.  What was the point?'


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