Sunday, August 25, 2013


Had a great weekend, with NO working (as I posted about previously).

Me and a toucan at La Paz.
Kurt and I had great workouts this weekend.  Outside part was running a 5K on Friday, Biking 17.5 miles on Saturday and running 4.75 miles on Sunday.  I also worked out on Friday and Sunday in the basement doing biking, abs and pushups and some light weights, while watching Dawson Creek on Netflix.

Saturday, I went to the mall as macy's was having a 25% off the entire store sale.  I ended up finding some great deals.  Got myself an uber cute dress in the Junior's section on clearance, which ended up being $11 with all my markdowns, and got another really cute one for $20 in the misses section.  Got Kurt two pair of shorts super cheap and a Kenneth Cole t-shirt.  All for under $100!  I love sales.  Regular price the stuff would have been like $300.  Came home and got ready for dinner at Dolce Vita with Angie, Scott, Ron and Erika.  Wore one of the dresses.  :).  Dinner was uber fun, even if I cheated some on my diet.  I had the crab cake salad I love.  I guess the cheating was the bread from the baskets on the table.  Oh well.  Gotta have bread once in a while, right?

BeBop dress and Seychelles Sandals.
Today we were so lazy.  I accomplished almost nothing besides changing over the laundry once, working out and grocery shopping.  I think the guy in the seafood section at Kroger's is starting to think I am weird, as I stock up on ahi tuna every single time I am there.  Today I was like "I will take all the ahi tuna you have".  I eat it almost nightly (that or salmon) so I like to have a lot on hand since I make it for Kurt sometimes too.  It was also on sale, so I was running with the deal!  :).

Spider monkeys at La Paz.

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