Thursday, August 29, 2013


Had an amazing time today at the Tigers game with the office.  Tigers were down pretty much the entire game, and then Torii Hunter hit a walk off home run to win the game!  It was incredible!  The weather was super hot, and I got a lot of sun, I actually think I look a little bit tan!  We came home and went on an outside bike ride too, so even more sun.  I love having a little bit of color (don't worry, I wear sunscreen).

Looking forward to a non-work filled holiday weekend.  Usually, Kurt and I go out of town for this holiday, but since we travelled quite a bit in August and July, we are staying home for this one.  We have some plans with friends and may do another Tigers game, but other than that, just going to chill at home.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Haskell Law Firm Girls at the Game

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