Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Fun

Watching the bridal party come down the aisle.

Thursday night, my friend Jill and I hosted a party at the Monroe Country Club (she is a member and got us the hook up to use the facilities, thanks Jill!).  We had a CABI clothing and Premier Designs jewelry party.  It was a huge success.  Not sure how many people we had in and out, but I would guess around 25 or so.  Anyway, Jill and I each got $130 in free jewelry, a free scarf, as well as 6 half off CABI items and $30 in free CABI stuff.  I got some amazing jewelry already (and gifted my free scarf to Angie since I don't do scarves).  The CABI stuff I ordered today and cant wait to receive.  I got all stuff that can be worn now and in Costa Rica.  Jill and I had desserts available for everyone as well as wine and beer.  Anyway, it was a great time.

Me and Carolyn, the bday girl.

Friday, I got to attend the wedding of my "cousin", Susan.  "cousin" meaning my Mom's best friend's daughter who my sister and I grew up with.  Susan got married to her fiance, Mark, in Howell.  Kurt and I left work early on Friday, so I had a chance to work out and head to Farmington Hills so I could ride to the event with my family.  Got there and got ready, then headed to the wedding.  The facility was beautiful and the wedding was really nice.  It was really nice to see a lot of people, and I got to catch up with some people I have not seen in a really long time, as well as do some dancing and eat some great food.  Got home super late.

Me and My Momma.

Saturday, I went to Farmington Hills again for a family party.  My cousin Carolyn turned 17 so my Aunt had a late party. I got her some bath stuff from ULTA, and it was a fun afternoon of outside games and hanging out watching baseball and football.

Today, I slept in, then went running outside.  Headed into town to Carson's as I had a great coupon to use.  ended up getting some amazing deals.  I got a Nautica bathing suit coverup marked down from $71 originally to $14.  Also got three workout tanks and a pair of work out shorts super cheap.  I had a coupon for 25% off anything in the store and used it on all items.  Headed to Kroger next to pick up groceries for the week then did a bunch of stuff around the house.  Headed out with my camera to the yard to take some fall pics.  it was really peaceful walking around by myself taking random pictures. See pics here

Not happy it's the end of the weekend.

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