Monday, September 02, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Had a nice weekend NOT working.

I have worked out a ton this weekend and am feeling it now.  Friday night, I biked 15.5 miles at the park.  Saturday, Kurt and I biked 18 miles.  Sunday, I ran 5 miles in the morning, then this morning, I ran another 5!  The weather has been perfect for working out.  I love working out when temps are in the low/mid 70s, which it has been in the mornings here.  And, I just like being outside in general, so it makes it less of a workout and more fun.  I am def feeling those workouts tonight though.  Sore.

Other fun things from this weekend:

  • Deck party at Jessica and Eric's!  Got to talk to and see lots of friends and the party was only 4 miles from my house!  I proved to myself that I can still do gymnastics, when Meghan and Marisa did not believe I could do cartwheels and front handsprings.  can still do them, but boy, they make me dizzy now.  Getting old sucks, LOL.  jessica is so sweet too, she made "haskell pasta" with no meat, just for us.  :).  It was amazing too.
  • Shopping with Auntie!  We went to the Howell Outlet Mall as she realllllly needed new work clothes.  She has worked from home for the past 2 years and has not had any dress code to follow, but just started in an office atmosphere again.  She really stocked up at Dress Barn and Christopher and Baird's.  I mostly helped her, but I ended up finding a dress for my cousin Susan's upcoming wedding, as well as a summer dress at The Loft, a skirt at Dress Barn, and another skirt at White House Black Market.  Super yay.
  • Dinner with Cassie and Ken at J Alexander's.  Have not seen them in forever, and it was awesome to catch up and have an amazing meal.  forgot how much I like that place.
  • And, after that dinner, came home to LUCIE!  After being gone 63 days, she came home!  We pulled into the driveway and noticed a cat sitting on our porch (which is pretty common since I feed the strays).  Anyway, Kurt says "I think that is Lucie".  We stop the car and he jumps out, and the cat starts running towards the wood.  Kurt stops and starts calling her.  She stops, turns and starts walking towards Kurt, slowly.  Finally, she got close enough for him to pick her up.  I got out then and ran to get some food.  She devoured three cans.  She looked skinnier than when we last saw her, but not too skinny.  She also had a pretty nasty scratch above her eye, but she was purring and seemed happy to see us.  We brought her inside and she has been upstairs sleeping since (and eating).  So glad she is home, we are still kinda shocked by it.
My nephew, nick, starts Kindergarten tomorrow, which is crazy to me!  He is going to a private Catholic School near where my sister lives.  I wish I could be there to take pics!  He has to wear a little uniform, I am sure it will be insanely cute.

I have decided that I want to learn how to scuba dive and become open water certified before we move, so I have an appointment this week to talk to someone at a place near the office.  Need something to do now that football season is starting and my husband will disappear.  :).

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend.  Happy Labor Day!

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