Friday, August 12, 2005

Busy Week

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but......Have not written very much this week because we have been really busy. We worked past 7 p.m. three times this week. Oh well, I guess I should be happy we don't get ANY business, right? :).

Have been trying to catch up this week with gift giving. I sent my friend, Jill, in Caledonia, a gift for her baby that was just born, Leah Joy. Born July 21, their second child. Congrats Jill, Ben and Jamin! Sent my nephew Kory a really late b-day gift card from Abercrombie (I would have gotten him clothes but I totally forget his jeans size), and bought my niece and nephew t-shirts and backpacks from Cafepress. I also ordered ALL my books for school, which sucked because I have like 7 books this term. Blah. I guess I should not complain because Julia has 8 (which I ordered as well). I am a pro at finding used textbooks cheap online, so she always has me order hers. Then tonight, I went and bought Sara's (Kerry and Max's daughter) first b-day presents at Toys R Us.

Now we are at home watching the Lions game.

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