Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pet Peeve #1

OK, I hate a lot of pet peeves, but this was is annoying me right now, so I am posting. I hate when you order a gift for someone online, they receive it, and something is wrong.

I ordered Kurt's Mom this really kewl gift from Illuminations. Part of the candle holder is glass. So, she called me today to tell me that she got it and loves the candles, but the glass part of the candle holder is SHATTERED. How annoying. I order a GIFT for someone online and it shows up ruined. So, I called there, and they are sending her a new one, no prob, but still, she now has to wait for the rest of the gift. And, they can't resend until August 15 because of a computer system change they are doing for the next couple weeks.

This happened to me previously when I ordered my Aunt a necklace from the Macy's website. It was intricately beaded, and of course, when it showed up was in a million little pieces. When I called to get it fixed, they told me hers was the last one. So, I had to get her something else. It is just obnoxious.

Plus, I am so busy, I don't have time to deal with this crap. If the companies would just do things right in the first place, I would not have to fix their mistakes.

OK, done venting. :).

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