Sunday, August 14, 2005


Kurt has been working on the upstairs bathroom all weekend. Last time his brother visited us, they put in a kewl slate floor and shower walls, and the toilet. And a few months back, Kurt hung the lighting fixture I bought for in there.

Went to Target last night and bought all the accessories, etc. for the bathroom. I bought really cute towels, wash cloths, hand towels. Can't find pics of those online for some reason. Also bought a white terrycloth-like shower curtain with chrome hooks at Lowe's. Bought the kewlest accessories for the bathroom, they are chromed and kinda mirrored, so the greens from the bathroom reflect in the mirrors. Put together a door towel holder, as well as a shelving unit (both chrome). Oh, and Kurt painted the room as well, some kind of gray color I picked out called Pebble Stone.

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