Friday, August 12, 2005

Toys R Us Scares Me

I am not scared of much, but after tonight, I have to say I have realiazed that I am extremely fearful of places like Toys R Us. I normally will not shop at the store, because of the travelling animal displays that are there each summer.....

Anyway. Every time I go to a store like Babies R Us, Toys R Us, basically any store that is kid based and has nothing else but kid and baby stuff, I immediately become petrified. The stores are HUGE and have no order whatsoever, but all the people working there and shopping there seem to think that getting around the place is the most simple thing ever. I try to have a plan of action in shopping. Often, at Babies R Us, I will pick something off the registry, call the store, and have them have it up front and waiting for me, pay before I go, just pick it up. SOOO relaxing. But going into one of these stores to randomly buy something?? BAD BAD BAD for me.

Kurt and I went to Toys R Us to buy a gift tonight. I did not really know the exact gift I wanted. All I knew is I wanted a certain type of toy. Sara is learning to walk, so Kerry is looking for gifts that help her in that area, i.e. push/pull toys. So, seems simple enough. Maybe not. Online, you click on the push/pull icon and all the toys pop up, all nice and organized. Of course, I did not have time to shop online, and therefore, was forced to resort to the store. Further, Kurt cannot physically be in ANY store for more than like maybe 10 minutes, so on top of the disorganization and insanity of the store, I have to deal with a shopping phobe husband who only wants to go home for the night.

Continuing. I start walking through the store. Cannot find anything close to what I want, and I KNOW it's there. I can feel my throat slowly closing up, my chest becoming tense, it is becoming harder to breathe. It happens every time I am in one of these stores.

Finally, I desperately ask someone to help me. The woman basically thinks I am an idiot because I cannot figure out the store. Apparently, everyone over 17 in the area has a baby, and it is only normal to know how to get around this store.

Found a couple gifts that I like. Finally. I am pleased with the purchases, but never again. I am only shopping online for baby stuff, from here on out.

Hold me to it please.

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