Sunday, August 21, 2005

Long Time--No Post

I have been extremely busy this week. So I have not posted much, will try to catch up here.

We have had a really busy weekend. Kurt's family from Maple City came down on Friday night to go to a Tigers game (Kellie, Keith, Kendra and Kory). Also, Kurt's brother from Florida and a friend of his came up to visit. Kellie, Keith, and Kendra had to leave on Saturday, but Kory, Scott and Eli are still here.

We went to dinner last night at Pete's Garage and had dinner, drinks and played pool, which was fun. I so suck at pool, but I had a good time. I just do not have the patience to be a good pool player. :).

Saturday, Scott and Eli started putting in my bathroom floor. It is dark grey porcelein, is really kewl. They finished it today. I am so excited to finally have a tile bathroom floor. Scott and Eli also hung the two new lights for the kitchen and sunroom and those look awesome as well. I changed over all the outlet covers in the sunroom and bathroom upstairs to chrome and they look awesome.

Kory and I went to Target today and bought these Rubbermaid shelving units for the garage. Put those together. Kurt and Kory also did some yardwork, moving some smaller trees to different spots in the yard.

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