Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So Many Hearings, So Little Time....

Today, we had 8 hearings scheduled, all between 830 and 11 a.m. Yea. Kurt and I both had to go downtown. None of the hearing could be postponed of moved, so we were running around like maniacs, pretty much. I was somewhat stressed, as I personally have never done more than 2 hearings in one morning. But, all went fairly smoothly, we got them all done.

Went back to leave and the Jeep would not start, ugh. We had to call AAA and get it towed. Have no idea what is wrong, BUT, the guy who works on our cars just called and left me a message that he is confused, because it started right up. Hmmm. Something is wrong, but I guess we need to call him.

Still no caffeine. Yay me! I am shocked I have pulled this off so far, but on the other hand, I think it was harder in law school because of the schedule I was on. I truly did not need any more stress in my life then, and taking caffeine out of it would have been disaster.

Julia's graduation on Monday was great. Kurt and I got great seats, and we got to meet Jules Dad and stepMom, see her sister, see her boyfriend, Tony (who we have already met), and met Tony's Mom and sister. Everyone is SOOOO nice. Kurt was attempting, through his glass of champagne, to set Julia's sister, Jamie, up with Kory. We are supposedly going to go on a triple date at some point, which should be interesting. Fun, anyway! :). I will prob set that up when I get back from Belize.

Soooo, my 30th birthday tomorrow! In less than 2 hours, really. Crazy. I can't believe it has come so quickly. My days pass by so fast lately. I actually have no issues whatsoever with turning 30. I know I am *supposed* to, but I don't. I am actually really happy with my life right now, and am hoping that my 30s are more incredible than my 20s. So, here's to me turning 30! The new 20! hehe. Plus, I still get carded at the bar, so apparently, I am not aging much for being 30. Ha.

Oh, annoying attorney at court today. Some people are seriously obnoxious. I guess I have to give a background so you understand, since most of you don't practice family law for a living. OK, none of you that I know of anyway, LOL. And be thankful for that, it's a somewhat tiring job sometimes......

Anyway, we will deem this person *annoying atty*, as I dont use names in my posts. And seriously, before I start. If you are 60 something years old and STILL practicing law, DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. At that point in your life, are minor stupid things really that important? Get over yourself.

I digress. Back to my story. AA (Annoying Atty) was hired by the Defendant (the other side in a lawsuit) in one of our divorce cases later on in the case. A Case Management Conference was scheduled in the case (which is basically a meeting to update the court on the case status), and the notice went out to the Defendant and us, as AA was not yet hired on the case. Defendant never gave the notice to his atty once his atty was hired. We assumed that the Defendant would turn over everything to his client, which is standard and something attys would require of new clients anyway. Well, apparently, AA did not get notice of said hearing. But, he found out two days before the hearing and had his secretary call my office to confirm. His secretary calls me and starts bitching me out for not sending them notice, and spewing out court rules that don't apply to me. I was like "well, if you need to move the hearing, I am totally fine with that, but the court rule here does not apply to me because you were not on the case at the time." She was rude, pretty much hung up. Seriously, what kind of atty has their secretary do their dirty work? I would never, in a million years, tell Misty to call and be rude to people. I take pride in the fact that clients and attys think my secretary is sweet and helpful.

I just met the guy today. I dont think he practices a lot because even Kurt did not know him and Kurt knows everyone. The FIRST thing he does when meeting me is BITCH about this stupid hearing notice. I was like "What is your point? How is this relevant? You are here, and I told your office we could move the hearing if you had a problem..." His response "It IS relevant, counsel, u need to follow the rules." Give me a freaking break. Besides the fact that I did nothing wrong, who ARGUES this shit? LAME.

And of course, the Judge completely agreed with me. She literally was looking at AA like he was a joke. I think she would have rolled her eyes if she could have, and maybe in her own head she was, LOL. He went ON AND ON about this, and the Judge was like "What do you want me to do? I don't see how anyone was harmed here, AA." I think he is used to getting his way and it really freaking annoyed him that she thought his arguments were pointless. I loved it. I kept just being sweet and nice (my normal approach), like usual, and it made him look like a total fool. Yay.

Attys who act like that give others a horrible name. The goal at our office is to get along with everyone, try and settle cases for people, etc. The attys who constantly want to argue with people? I have zero respect for. You are not doing your client, or the profession, any good. Shame on you! And it's truly sad that I, someone who has been in the profession for a short time *get* that and the attys who have been practicing 30 years don't. But, alas, these attys are on power trips, and you will always have those people. So I deal. At least I can go to sleep at night knowing I do my job in a respectful way.

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Deb said...

That's so great you don't have any problems with turning 30 like so many people do. I on the other hand already have problems with it and i just turned 24 lol. I can only hope i feel the same as you once i reach it.
Loved this entry.. especially about the AA lol.
- D