Monday, May 21, 2007

This is Me. Not Posting Enough.

**Baby robins in our yard in nest, the day we saw they hatched.

Friday night, I headed to Royal Oak to get my "hair did". hehe. Got about 4 inches cut off (which I guess is not much since Kurt could not tell a difference at all, LOL) and some new summery highlights. Thanks Roman! :). Caught up with Roman, who is going to Spain for two weeks soon. Can we say "jealous?" Yea, that would be me. I would love to do Spain on one of these trips of mine. Met up with Rebecca and Lea after the salon at Bastone for dinner. I had a gift card to use, and it was a lot of fun to see them. Hanging with those two is relaxing and fun. Yay. Rebecca got me some awesome stuff for my birthday from Philosophy, as well as some of my fav fat free candies from Trader Joe's. Rebecca totally knows me, ha. And Sarah (her sister), painted this pottery dish for me in my fav colors and put in dirt and a sweet pea flower! I can't wait until it starts to grow! She is so thoughtful and creative.

Saturday, I got up and headed to Taylor to get a mani/pedi with Hollie. I went to a new place, called Pure NV, and it was really nice. Got a great summer color on my toes, and my normal light color on my fingernails. Left there and Hollie took me to lunch for my bday at Mongolian. Super yummy. I had cajun shrimp and rice. It was super nice to see Hollie and catch up. After that, headed home and Kurt and I ran to Lowe's and Tractor Supply and ended up buying three bird feeders and poles. Put them up in the yard and OMG, it is bird insanity. We already had a lot of birds in our yard and on our property, but they are everywhere now, I am not kidding. And the kewlest birds are hanging out that I have never seen before. There is a cardinal hanging out ALL the time, and I saw my first mourning dove today. And to think some people is this state wanting to have a hunting season at one point for the mourning dove. Gorgeous, docile bird. People who wanted to kill them SUCK, I say. Also, a ton of red wing black birds, finches, etc. Some I don't even recognize. I really need to get a Michigan birdin book. Also, the birds are PIGS. Well, not literally, LOL. But, the one feeder is HUGE, and we filled it Sunday late afternoon. It was empty by this morning. We filled it half way, and it was empty when we got home. Filled it again. I wonder where it will be in the morning? It's so much fun to watch them.

Update on the baby robins. They have little wings now. So cute. I took some new pics today and will post them when I get a second. The one Mama robin seems to trust me, she does not even care when i take pics near the nest or walk by it. but the other nests? The Moms throw abosolute fits, so I try to stay away from those nests. I was disappointed to find out that robins don't really eat seed, so they have not really been at our feeders, except for a couple times I looked out there.

Sunday, I had a baby shower to go to. Went beforehand to Babies R Us, which is prob near the top of stores I hate to go to. Got Lisa a pack and play and a picture frame she registered for. And it was annoying yet again. I went to pay after buying Lisa's gifts and they would not take my business check. OK, that makes no freaking sense. I think a business check would be more reliable than a freaking personal check, people! So, I had to dig through my totally trashed purse to find my debit card. I was not happy. Whatever. Went to the shower, in Dearborn Heights. It was beautiful. Lisa looked so awesome (with her baby belly). She got a ton of gifts and everyone in the families seemed so happy. I am so happy for her and Cliff and cant wait to meet the baby boy in July! :). She gets 12 weeks off of work, so I will have to go up and visit and meet her kitties too once the baby is born. Yay. Sunday night, I had dinner with Carl, my Aunt, my Grama and Kurt in Northville at Sizzling Sticks. Yum. My Aunt got me this gorgeous cut glass perfume holder that she got in Canada on vacation. I love it. My Grama got me this backpack I really, really wanted for my vacations for my camera. It was funny, because I asked my Aunt to pick the backpack up for me from the the Canton Adray's, because the Dearborn one was out. When I went to write her a check to pay her back, my Grama was like "That's my bday gift for you!" I was shocked! But excited, because it was totally exactly what I wanted! hehe. Thanks Grama and Auntie! Grama also found a gift that she could not find last year for my bday, so she gave it to me a year late, ha. Really pretty watch. I will post a pic when I think about it.

**Mama bird, protecting her eggs, previous to the birth of the baby birdies.

Anyway. Today was crazy at work. We were so slammed, I can't even explain it. I hate being exhausted like that, but I got a lot done through it all, somehow.


Crazymrsnancy said...

Ooh my goodness!!! You have the most amazing pictures!! What a treat to be able to photograph such young birds, they're so pretty in an ugly kind of way LOL

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