Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home Sweet(?) Home...

So, I am home. I say sweet(?) because frankly, I would still rather be on vacay, but
it is nice to see my pets and get back to the routine of things. I totally need to post a huge trip report, but need more time and energy. I will do it sometime this week.

But. We had an amazing time and I loved Belize and can see myself living there someday, at least part of the year. I loved being outside so much and did not care for one second that I did not even see a TV the entire time I was there. I would not even have cared about Internet, but did check email etc. since Kurt had to check the scores of some games, LOL.

Will write more later....Night!

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Emily said...

I love your pics! Really gorgeous. I love taking pics of flowers....and the ocean. I plan to take a lot of both on my cruise in a month....we will be near beliz but not quite there!

Thanks for all the bar well-wishes! It helped to know people all over were pulling for me ;)