Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Before the Calm

Every time we are going to leave town, Kurt goes insane at the office wanting to finish anything and everything before we leave. It never happens, and always exhausts me. This week is so different, ugh. Working late every night is so fun, but on the flip side, we get things done.

And this week, it's like the weather is making the crazies come out--but not in clients, in LAWYERS.

Another fun, strange incident today. My "SHIT LIST" at the office continues to grow. I don't recall if I have posted about it before or not, but whenever a lawyer does something totally unacceptable, they are placed on it. The list is now 6. Certain folk could prob redeem themselves, others are never being removed. Certain "crimes" are more forgivable, I suppose, or are redeemable. Anyway, back to my story.

I sent a fax today to this lawyer on one of our cases. His client is not paying the bills at the house (divorce case) and the parties electricity is being shut off on June 1. She needs to leave the house with the kids because umm, kids need electricity. So, we sent a fax to his lawyer, explaining the situation and discussing things that needed to be talked about if she moved out. We get this fax back that totally floored me. The lawyer was going ON AND ON in the fax about us telling our client to do illegal things, how we should be ashamed or ourselves, yada yada. It was shocking, really, because I just talked to this guy on the phone yesterday and he seemed really nice and easy to deal it. Whatev. Some lawyers just think that they are doing their clients an injustice if they don't scream and yell and make themselves look like asses on paper and in court. When really, just the opposite is the truth. Kurt wrote him a nice fax back (yea, nice) basically telling him that all we were trying to do is settle some issues, and he needs to step off. OK, well we used from lawyerly language than that, LOL, but that was basically the point.

I am hoping Memorial Day weekend calms all the lawyers in the area down and we can get back to normal. Seriously.

Tonight, Kurt and I stopped at Kmart looking for deals on some clothes for our Belize trip. We will be in the jungle A LOT and prob getting dirty and I did not want to take nicer clothes for that. So, we bought a bunch of cheap t-shirts, shorts.....If they are in good condition when I get back, I can use them to work out in anyway. While at K-Mart, we are standing in line and the cashier says to Kurt "Are you a lawyer?" We both looked at her like "Hun?" She goes on to say that we are her brother's lawyer and she saw him in court. It was funny. I was thinking "You can tell someone's profession from looking at them??"

The baby birds are getting so big. I heart them.

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Kelsie said...

Happy belated birthday Lori! Welcome to the 30 & over club!!! ;)

I heart my Dyson! I truly do! I love it so much. It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. LOVE IT!

Have a great time in Belize. We were there for a day trip last year and it is one of the places I would like to go back & visit! I can't wait to hear all about it!

AND! As always, I love all of your pictures! They are so good. Love the nature shots! Birdies are too cute.