Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Orlando Part Deux

So, continuing from my last post......

Kurt and I ate out at a really good Japanese place on Saturday night. Split some sushi and both had really good fish meals.....There was a performance by these women from Tokyo playing bongo like drums during dinner, which was really different and very kewl. After that, met up with Jeff for some putt putt golf. I have to admit right here to the world that I beat both Jeff and Kurt. It was a great sports moment. Kurt then treated Jeff and I to Ben and Jerry's ice cream and then we were off to bed.

The next day, I saw Sidney Poitier speak at the conference and did some more classes and exhibits. After that, met up with Kurt and Scott and did a boat tour of 4 lakes in Winter Park. It was a lot of fun. We then hung out at Scott's house and did dinner.

Next day, we went outlet shopping with Jeff. I loved it, but totally did not have enough time to shop as the places were huge. Kurt went off on his own, and to my shock, actually made purchases! I know! We all thought Kurt was not capable of this! He bought some stuff at Puma, Kenneth Cole, and Banana Republic, ohh, and Calviin Klein. I was impressed with his deal finding. I found some great stuff too....Bought a really cute and really marked down black dress at White House Black Market, two skirts at two shirt sleeve sweaters at Ann Taylor, and an amazing short sleeve black cashmere sweater at Lacoste. I don't own anything cashmere and normally hate wash by hand clothing, but I literally fell in love with the style of this sweater and can't wait to wear it.

All in all, great trip. The working part of it was not that great, but the getting away, even for a short time, was incredible. I feel totally refreshed, and really needed that. I did not take many pics, but here are the ones I took......Click here. Being in Florida is just not that inspirational to me, since there is not much nature and I have been there so many times.....

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.................Nancy said...

At least there's no snow there!! hehe how's the snow status in Michigan?