Monday, April 14, 2008

Temporarily Bummed

OMG, today was crazy busy. We did not get home until after 8 PM. Made myself work out, even though I was, yet again, exhausted. Made Kurt orange roughy and a twice baked potato, and myself, veggie chili, which I had been craving all day. Yum.

I was kinda bummed tonight. I had plans to go to a concert with a friend of mine on Saturday. We have had these tickets for months.....Anyway, I wrote her this morning to see if she wanted to do dinner beforehand and she wrote me back tonight telling me that she *just* found out that her Grama's 80th birthday party is that night and she has to go. I am wondering how a surprise party like that was planned at the last minute, but OK. So, she is still paying for her ticket...................So, I was just going to skip it, since I was kinda bummed. But, the seats are SO good, first row on the side of the stage, and I really wanted to go. So, I said screw it. She can pay for my guest to go with me, and I emailed Rebecca, who had wanted to go in the first place, but did not want to spend the funds on a ticket. She is going with me now, so I am sure I will have a blast. I guess I was kinda feeling the way I was because I just feel like this other friend of mine does not prioritize me at all. I wish she would have told me about the party of her Grama's BEFORE I wrote her about the concert less than a week before the concert. She has her life scheduled down to the hour, so I know she knew about both the party and the concert and was probably avoiding telling me. I would have been less bummed though if she would have just told me. Anyway, I hate being bummed, so I am over it now. Will probably go up to Rebecca's to see her new house beforehand and hang out, and then we will head down! Have to figure out where we want to eat, etc. Yay. Def Leppard, here we come! Hopefully we can take some pics while there and post. I should dress all 1980s! hehe.

The Tigers won an awesome game tonight! I think it is the turnaround for their season. It was incredible. Loved watching the game tonight.


MissThang said...

Def Leppard?! SUPER COOL!

.................Nancy said...

I'm sooo jealous!!! I love Def!!

Mindy said...


They are coming here on the 25th and I'm considering getting tickets . . . I've never seen them and love, love, love them!

I'm sure you had a FABULOUS time.

And I'm sorry about your friend - yes, she should have simply told you ahead of time!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

OK, we would totally have to ALL go to a concert if we lived closer. That would rock. Total girls night, hun? :).

And thanks, Mindy. I just hate when I get bummed out re a friend. :(.

Lisa said...

There is NO WAY you could ever miss Def Leppard! I'd friggin go by myself if I had to, lol.

Anonymous said...

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