Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Update

Had a nice weekend. Friday, after work, Kurt and I met up with our friends, Tammy and Tom, at Applebee's. Had dinner, and caught up. Have not seen Tom in forever.....Anyway, really nice meal, and really nice to hang out with them.

Saturday morning, I slept in really late for me! :). Got up, and decided to take the doggies for a walk at Sterling State Park again. I am hoping this continues to be a weekend tradition. It was a nice, but kinda windy walk. The pugs really seem to like the change of scenery and going there. The football draft was on this weekend and Kurt was glued to it, so I decided to do dinner with my Aunt and Dad on Saturday night. We ate at this random place I chose near my Dad's new apartment, and went there to check out his new place afterwards. The food at this place was awesome, or at least my meal was....I had this Canadian Walleye that was pecan crusted and had a creole sauce, super yummy. Perhaps the best walleye I have ever had. Got home kinda late, and went to bed since I had plans the next day to see Rebecca's new house.....

Today, headed to Rebecca's to see her new house in Clawson. It is so nice, and really cute, and she has done a lot to it already. Her Uncle was there hooking up her stove, and Lauren was there hanging out too. We ran some errands for the house and then were waiting for her parents to come over when we got a call from her Mom that they were in a car accident. So, we headed up to the accident and picked up her Mom to take her home, then went back to pick up her Dad and Uncle from the scene. The car is not looking so hot, and her Mom was super stressed about it, I felt really badly for her.....Anyway, after that, Lauren, Rebecca and I went for sushi and I had this awesome roll called the Black Widow roll, which was soft shell crab, shrimp, avocado, cucumber and a spicy sauce. Super good. And miso soup. Stopped at Grand Traverse Pie Company on the way back, as Rebecca has been wanting to stop in there since it opened. Bought some preserves for Kurty, as well as two pieces of pie for him, and a muffin. Everything looks awesome in there. On my way home, I decided to stop at Linens and Things to look for a duvet cover (i have been wanting a second one to use on my bed when I wash my normal one). Found NOTHING, and then stopped at Nordstrom Rack since it was next door. Found nothing there either. Tried on a few dresses, but I was just not loving anything, so I left and drove home.

Ended up buying the duvet cover I have been wanting on I don't know why I did not buy it a long time ago, it is a far better deal than what I am finding in stores and exactly what I want. Can't wait til it gets here. :).

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Katie said...

I love that duvet cover!!