Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where is the Money?

I was very happy to hear about one of Kurt's court hearings today. Remember my story from a while back about the lawyer that treated me like complete crap at a Mediation? Well, we filed a Motion for Atty Fees and Related Issues regarding his wasting my time at Mediation, and Kurt appeared at it. Some classic *lines* resulted from this. We won on the attorney fees, got a lot of her back child support paid, and the ultimate result of this hearing (trying to force the other atty to begin acting reasonable and resolve this case) worked. Here are the classic lines:

Judge: "Well, maybe if you paid your child support, Mr. "x", your wife could AFFORD a rake..." (said right after my client asked for her rake and hoe back and the Defendant had the balls to tell the Judge no). This Judge is always super calm and Kurt said she was very angry at them.

Kurt went to his next court hearing and an atty friend of him says: "Kurt, I tried to find you and saw you arguing your case in front of Judge "X". I watched for a moment and you just kept saying "Where is the money? Where IS the money?" The atty turns to Kurt and says "Kurt, did you find the money?" Heh. I guess we will *see* if we found the money, as his child support is due by Wednesday in our office in a cashier's check.

So, we went and looked at the Solstice on Wednesday. Found out it is basically the same car as the Sky. So, we did not drive it. Non-automatic top as well. Plus, they only had stick shifts on the lot. Tried to go drive an Eclipse Spyder GT on Thursday, but could not find the dealer, as I think they have moved. All I saw was Hyundais where the Mitsubishis were supposed to be.

I think we need to go to Ann Arbor to shop for cars, they have a ton of dealerships there........Our area is not that stocked with cars.

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