Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Suck (even though you don't)

Today was super busy for Kurt and I (like every day is not, LOL). We had 8 court hearings, 4 in one building, 4 in the next. We each covered 4. One of mine was adjourned, and the other three, I got great results. One I got the best results I possibly could have gotten (better than I ever thought would result, actually). The Dad's parenting time was suspended, and he has to pay for himself to get drug testing and for the entire fee for the parties to go to the FAME unit at FOC. Which is so out of the freaking ordinary. I was expecting maybe some supervised time, with my client paying for at least some, if not all, of the costs of the rest of the stuff. NOTHING paid by her. It was shockingly great. I always prepare everyone for the worst, so people are kinda shocked when it comes out better, LOL, and I think she was somewhat shocked. We will see if the other side appeals it though. I was pretty pumped after that win though.

Kurt's hearings went really well too, but something kinda amusing happened at his one hearing. Well, Kurt was annoyed, but the story amused everyone else in the office. Long story short, he was at a third hearing for this woman, trying to get her several things in her case, including custody of her child (who she did not have custody of). That was the major issue. Kurt got her custody and child support, and then there was this issue with a tax refund. They went in front of the Judge, and the Judge was leaning towards giving her ex more of the tax refund, since he made more money. NOT the norm (usually parties split this), but Judges can do whatever they think it fair. Our client started having a breakdown and disagreeing, so Kurt asked for a break to talk to her in the hall. She goes in the hall and tells Kurt "You suck!" His response was "I just got you custody of your kid, yet I suck?" It's hilarious to us that we get amazing results, and yet people can still want MORE. You can't win with some people. She threatened to report him to the bar, which he found amusing and said "go ahead." Anyway, went back in front of the Judge where Kurt said he wanted to withdraw from the case because his client thinks he sucks, LOL. The Judge actually lectured her, telling her Kurt did a great job for her, she should be pleased and had no reason to report Kurt to the bar for anything. By this time, she had told Kurt she was sorry, but once you diss Kurt like that, he is done with you. We do a great job, are really well known in the community and courts, you are NOT going to talk down to us. Ever. If you don't like us, hire someone else, and you will see you made a mistake. We are reasonably prices and easy to deal with. Most lawyers are not both of things combined. Funniest thing, after the hearing, her ex comes up to Kurt and says "Can I hire you in the future??" She called the office again later to say she was sorry, but Kurt is done. He is not one to change his mind on stuff like this. Someone might be able to sweet talk me into staying on a case, but not Kurt for sure.

The rest of the day was madness, and we did not get home until 7 PM. Ugh. Filled my bird feeders outside, switched laundry and dishes over, made dinner, worked out, and watched some of the Tigers game. I don't know how I get the amount done in a day that I do, seriously. I rock at multitasking, hehe.

Gotta go to bed, crazy court schedule tomorrow as well.


Katie said...

LMFAO @ Kurt. He is one Bad-Ass MoFo. I dig that.
haha. And I love how the ex wanted to hire him after that! Great story :)

.................Nancy said...

I need a little kurt on my shoulder for times when I'm a doormat. Which is pretty often.