Friday, March 27, 2009


I am so sold.

I normally prefer Victoria's Secret. But, I really think their quality has been lacking the past couple years. The only reason I stayed was I did not think there was another good alternative and I hated searching various brands at other stores.

Until now.

I decided to place an online order with Frederick's. For some reason, I always thought Frederick's was the "trashy" version of VS and I never really gave them a chance. I placed a pretty big order for various bras and panties, etc. I got the order today and tried on one of the bras and OMG. Love. So much better than anythign I own, totally supportive and SO FREAKING CUTE. The one I am wearing right now is kinda a turquoise color and adorable. I also searched online and found a coupon code for $40 off my order.

I am officially a convert. For now anyway. Is some of their stuff kinda trashy? Yea. But for staples, like bras and panties, they rock.

So....what I get? The following:

These, in azure blue, red, black and garden green.
These, in black, nude, and white
This, in pink and nude
This, in bare and black
This, in garden green and azure blue (this is the one I am wearing that I really like)
This, in black

Had a board meeting on Thursday night.

Tonight, had a date with Kurt (haha) for sushi at Dolce Vita. They accidentally made us an extra roll so we brought it home for Kory and he loved the roll as well. So yummy. we also left work at noon today and ran a couple errands. Came home and we both passed out on the couch. I slept like 3 hours. Seriously, I am tired I guess! :). Guess I need some sleep.

Anyway, have a pretty busy weekend, so I will talk to y'all soon! :).


Mindy said...

Frederick's ROCKS. Mainly because they carry my size - whereas Victoria's? Doesn't.

Rachael said...

I gave up on VS too. $50 for a bra that falls apart. I started going back to Nords for Natori and I love, love them. And the great thing? You can go to Nords Rack and get the "seasonal" colors and prints for less than $25! Not a bad deal for bras that usually run $40-75!

Cheryl said...

Holy Lori! Now I know what sort of knickers you wear.

I've never been to Fredericks, and buying stuff online doesn't really work for Canadians (stupid customs). Its some nice looking stuff though!

Lori H said...

haha, Cheryl, yes, I am an open book (and closet). LOL.

Mindy: Which lines do you like best at Frederick's?

Megan said...

All I have to say is Kurt is one lucky guy! Ha! :)

Mindy said...

The stretch modal day bra - and I have 2 of the extreme cleavage bras - they have very few available in 32DD . . .

My other bras, I get at Macy's. But they are crazy expensive compared to Frederick's.

Candice said...

This post will come in handy when I picture you in your undies. ;P

I love how first you talk about your undies, then date night. Coincidence??!

Lori H said...

ahahaha. Interesting take....LOL. I think you may have something there, Candace....