Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been at work for a few hours, and am waiting for Rebecca to call me to do lunch, so I am taking a break and posting this since I have no desire left to work.......

Friday night, Jessica wanted to watch Ohio State and Michigan State games (NCAA), so she headed down to our house so we could take her to Pete's Garage. We had dinner (her, Kory, Kurt and I), then played pool. It was actually a lot of fun! :). Ohio State ended up losing, but Michigan State won! Whoot! Jessica and I even beat the boys at one game of pool, so we can now hold that over their heads forever and ever. I even had ONE drink, which is rare, and it was super yummy (Sugar Free Red Bull and Midori).

Saturday, I had my monthly lunch with my friend, Hollie, at Red Lobster in Southgate, MI. Sadly, the last time we had a monthly lunch was in October! Whoops! Anyway, it was nice to catch up with her She was WAY behind on office stuff--she did not know we hired two new attys, she did not know about the hiring and firing of a secretary, etc. After that, I wanted to run some errands, so I went to Sam's Club, Ulta, and DSW. I bought a few things at Ulta I needed (hairspray, shampoo/conditioner, Anti-Snap stuff, etc.) and did not find anything at DSW. I am about to give up on my blue heels search and resort to online again. AARGH. I will say that Fairlane Mall was freaking scary--I was almost afraid to park my car and leave it. It has gotten much worse over the years we moved away from Taylor. After that, headed home. Kurt and I were supposed to go out with my friends Cassie and Ken, but I moved it since Kurt was not feeling well. We ended up watching The Strangers, and it was scary! Very not believable, but scary. They "say" it's based on a true story, but really the "true" story is not known, so they just made it up. Which is fine, but yea, so many parts Kurt and I were like "YEA RIGHT". It did make me scream like 10 times, but I am easily scared. :).

The pic above cracked me up because it looks like Kory is hitting Jessica's ass, and yea, umm, he was totally not.

So, I think Kurt and I are going to take a day off and go to Toronto for a baseball game and maybe to Niagara Falls! It is pretty close to Toronto! The Tigers play there on Apr 6, so Kurt wants to go that weekend. What sucks about that is Rebecca is going to London, ON, to visit Lisa that weekend and Katie will be there too, so Kurt is picking a bda weekend......But, I hope I am somewhere in Canada that weekend! :). We would drive though, flights are insanely expensive for some reason that weekend.

Almost forgot! Nick took his first four steps this weekend, at my Mom's house! He has been there since I think Thursday, and I knew it was going to happen. I kept calling my Mom every day to see, and she called me last night to tell me. Yay Nick! So glad my Mom got to see it. Below is a pic of him and his lawn mower. He likes to walk and hold onto it.....

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