Sunday, March 08, 2009

Day of Shopping

Had a fabulous day today! Got up too early, or it felt like it because of the time change. Got ready and headed to Royal Oak to pick up Jessica to head to Birch Run for shopping! Yay! I love Birch Run. I always find amazing deals.

We had lunch at Uno's while there, and shopped and browsed most of the day. I thought I bought a lot, but when I got home, I realized I did not really get too much....Jessica bought much more, LOL. Anyway, I bought a really cute wool red mid-length coat from Wilson Leather, marked down from $260.00 to I think like $70. I have been wanting a red wool coat forever, and finally found one I liked. The weird part about the coat is the brand name is Guess, which is odd, because I normally do not like Guess clothing AT ALL. Adorable coat though. Bought a new suit, navy blue pinstripe, from Jones New York. Really cute, has a kinda tie around the suit coat. Bought a new vented brush from Bath and Body Works. Bought a cute burgundy kinda colored short sleeved sweater at Banana Republic, and a cute cream colored sweater from BCBG. That's it! :).

Stopped at Rebecca's afterwards so I could see her, and introduce her to Jessica. We all hung out for a while, and jessica got to meet Lauren and Charlie as well. Went to dinner after that at Papa Vino's, then I headed home for the night.

Long day, but a lot of fun. Jessica and I are going to try and do the trip once every two months or so, in order to keep getting great deals. No reason AT ALL to shop at a normal mall. The deals are way too good at outlet malls.

PS. I wish I had pics of everything, but with outlet, it's like impossible to find pics.


Rachael said...

thats awesome you got such great deals! do you ever run into the problem of the clothing not fitting right? Ive had that problem in the past with shopping at the outlets, but its been so long since Ive gone. I need to go! They opened a Restoration Hardware outlet here that I am just dying to go check out!

Lori H said...

Oddly, they had a Restoration Hardware at ours as well, that I had never been to. Went and was not overly impressed. You would really have to pick thru the stuff to find things. I would prob be able to find good deals on bedding and curtains, if I were in the market, though.

And yea, I am fine with sizing at he outlets. Birch Run does not really seem to have too much of the weird sizing outlet stuff. It's more just extra stuff from the regular stores that did not sell, I think. At Banana, they had a lot of stuff that was IN the stores very recently, way marked down.

Cheryl said...

You'd look really good in red, I bet! Very classy... post a pic when you wear it!

Lisa said...

I swear you could pass for sisters!

.................Nancy said...

Nice that you get along so well with your... how do you call them? your employees or coworkers/colleagues?

You could take pics of everything and show us!! and model them for us :) hehe