Tuesday, May 05, 2009


The baby geese, and their parents, are gone!

We went out tonight to stalk them again, and they were nowhere to be found! Kurt then read online that the day after birth, parent geese take the young to a particular area (not near the nesting area) to meet up with other families and hang out until the babies learn to fly. So, I guess I only get one day with the sweet babies. Glad I got my shots the day I did! :). Hope they are doing OK at their new home! Still think they should of stayed here though, right?

Started watching The Hills tonight while working out. Needed a new show to rotate with The L Word. I have to say, thus far, I like it! I love mindless TV, and this def fits the bill. Heidi is already annoying the hell out of me, and I am only on episode three! No Spencer yet, she is dating a guy named Jordan or something.

Tigers kicked ass tonight! Whoot! And Kory was at the game, so I am glad he got to watch a good one. We all went to lunch today for Cinco de Mayo and had a fun time. Yay for holidays!

Not much else going on, work is busy, and I have to go to court tomorrow morning, which means my afternoon will be slammed. Ugh. I am pretty slammed the rest of the week too (board meetings two nights, dinner for Auntie's bday, etc.). Am hoping to go shopping at some point too. I would love a couple summery suits since the weather is getting nicer.


Cheryl said...

Your posts always make me hungry - you talk about food a lot!

Lori H said...

haha, sorry! :).

.................Nancy said...

The Hills is such a guilty pleasure!!

RoseAnn said...

I'm glad you got some pics of the goose family before they moved on. I had no idea that's what they do!

Lisa said...

I so love the Hills! They all drive me nuts. Lauren, Whitney and Heidi. But I'm addicted!