Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Packed, or Not?

I am all packed.

Kurt, on the other hand, has not started. This is normal in our household. And, it always results in Kurt forgetting something. Like, for our Galapagos trip, he forgot short sleeve shirts. Who needs those anyway? It was only 80 degrees every day in the sun on a ship (luckily, he got some at a mall in Quito). Let's all predict what Kurt will forget to pack on this trip! Or, how heavy his luggage will be! :).

Today, booked three tours in London and found another one I want to do that does not require a reservation. I am excited about those. Also found a really cheap (well cheap for London anyway) airport transfer to our hotel. So, like everything is set. Oh, I made a last minute hotel change too, as a lot of the tours embark from hotels, but not the one I had reserved before. So, I wanted one where we could just walk downstairs and into the tour vehicle, since they embark pretty early for these tours. We are now staying at the London Kensington Forum.

Anyway, I will try to post while there, but if not, expect a really good trip report when I get back with 8 million pics! :). We are taking one computer with us, but will prob just check email and stuff late at night since our phone internet will not work overseas without paying insane charges.



Nicole said...

How a lovely and safe trip!

Amber said...

Have a blast, can't wait to see pics!!

.................Nancy said...

Have a great and safe trip!!