Sunday, May 10, 2009

**Pic above is of flowers blooming next to my grandparents house in Glennie.

Friday night, Kurt and I chilled at home. We normally have sushi night that night, but we were both kinda zonked after a busy week, so I just made dinner instead. I wanted to get a good night's sleep since I wanted to get a good start on my drive in the morning......

**View from my grandparents' yard in Glennie, MI.

To surprise my Mom for Mother's Day! I knew she was going to my grandparents this weekend (they just got back from Florida to spend the summer in Michigan), and I have never seen their home in Glennie, which is odd, since they have lived there a really long time. So, I left the house around 930, stopped and picked up a prescription, got gas and some snacks, and got there around 1240. Long drive, but it was a pretty drive. Glennie is a gorgeous area, with a lot of lakes and trees and scenery.....M-65, which is the road to Glennie, is just a pretty, scenic drive. Anyway, got there BEFORE my Mom and Ronnie, so i got the tour of the house, set up their new phone and answering machine, and talked....Then my Mom and Ronnie got there and my Mom was very happy to see me! :). We had a really nice day and night, made dinner together (well, my Mom did most of the work, LOL), then played cards and hung out. It was really nice. This morning, we had breakfast, and then I was off for home.

**Pic of an adorable chipmunk in my grandparents' yard. I was taking pics of flowers and he kinda startled me, and then I photostalked him, heh.

It is really feeling like the hiring of new employees is paying off. This little weekend getaway showed me that. I normally would never be able to just jet off to Glennie for the weekend. I would normally have to work at least one weekend day. So, yay!

**View from the new dock in my grandparents' yard.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! :). I had a great time with my mommy, and then Kurt and Kory and I went out for Mexican tonight at a place that just opened in town! We were celebrating my being a Mommy to 3 pugs and a kitty! Hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the pretty weather.


Katie said...

Gorgeous photos (as usual) Lori! So glad you had a great time :)

Mindy said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad you pulled off the surprise and had a great time!

And YAY to not working every weekend!

Rachael said...

I love the pic of the dock!

Lori H said...

thanks, rach. it was a really relaxing spot....that was prob my fav pic of the weekend!

.................Nancy said...

Awwww I think it's awesome that you celebrated being a fur mommy!