Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Questions from Lisa

Still working on London stuff, things have been crazy. In the meantime, a fun summer survey from Lisa.....Fill it out on your blog and keep is going! :).

Summer Questions:

1. Any vacations planned this summer, if so when/where? Nothing major. We just got back from London, we are going to Vegas for Labor Day to celebrate Val's bday, and I will prob take some side trips with rebecca and to manistee to see my mommy, maybe a trip to Orlando for shopping with jessica, who knows.....

2. Any home improvement/landscaping projects planned for this summer, if so what? we are always working on something here. Or should I say, Kurt and Kory are always working on something, LOL. We already planted a lot of new trees this year.

3. Did you purchase flowers to plant yet? Or is that not your thing? No, but I prob will this weekend.

4. Do you plan on hitting the beach this summer? Maybe. I am not a huge beach person, although I do love walking on the beach.

5. Have you got any new summer wardrobe items? If so what? Not anything major. I did buy some short sleeve shirts and capri pants, but thats about it.

6. Flip flops or wedges? flip flops all the way.

7. Do you tan or burn? Burn, then tan a tiny bit. I prefer neither and wear a lot of sunscreen.

8. Any good summer reads you care to share? Nothing yet. I prefer magazines, trashy novels, and stuff that does not make me think.

9. Favorite summer beverage (alcoholic or non)? diet rock star

10. Do you enjoy any summer sports or activities, if so what? HIKING. Photography. Being outside.

11. Any goals your working towards this summer? working out more outside.

12. Favorite summertime food? stuff on the grill. corn on the cob. yay.

13. Favorite summertime fruit? pineapple

14. Favorite summertime song/music? no different than the rest of the year.

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