Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Lot In a Weekend

Wow, this weekend flew by, and I did a LOT in one weekend. Crazy. Can't believe it's late Sunday night already!

Saturday, had a massage at noon at a new place. Really cheap. $45 for an hour special. Anyway, it was OK. It was relaxing, but she was not "mean", like I like. She did not use a lot of pressure, which is necessary for me. But, it was relaxing, and she was nice, so I won't complain. :). Came home and chilled until my date with Rebecca and Jen. We were supposed to do dinner and a movie, but just did the movie. We saw The Proposal, which I thought was freaking hilarious and I loved it. So good. I always love Sandra Bullock though, and Ryan Reynolds was hilarious. The hit of the movie though was Betty White. She was great. There was this adorable puppy in the movie that I wanted to take home SO badly, but I am guessing it's owner won't let me.........Later that night, I found out "why" Rebecca did not want to do dinner! LOL. She won't ever admit it though. Ever. But, I know all of her dirty little secrets...........I have "connections". Saturday, Kurt painted the bocce court and made a score board for it, which is REALLY nice. Love it all. And Kory and Scott worked on the basement more, putting up more drywall and working on making more rooms down there, and the plumbing and such.

Sunday, got up and my Dad came over for Father's Day. We decided to surprise him and take him to the baseball game. We had not bought tickets and it was sold out, so we scalped tickets. Sat in section 116, which was OK--not horrible, but not my first choice. The game was awesome though. Tigs won, and we had a great time being in the sun and outside. Came home after that and played a Bocce tourney with kory. My Dad and I kicked ass. Poor Kory and Kurt, they cannot keep up with superior athletics. haha. Went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday after that. I found a brand new pool table on Craigslist, and got the deets, lowballed the guy, and the boys went to Inkster to pick it up. Yea, I sent them to the ghetto. Anything for a good deal.....Anyway, the pool table is here now, but needs to be set up. Yay for deals. We saved over a thousand dollars with my mad skillz. haha.

Anyway, off to bed. Hope everyone had a really nice Father's Day!


Candice said...

Hey, I grew up in Inkster. My parents still live there. That's right, I'm a ghetto girl! ;P

Rebecca said...

I didn't ditch you to hang out with Kory, everyone is going to think I'm an asshole friend. I am broke and can't afford to go out to eat and have a fridge full of food to eat :-P

Lori H said...

And you ditched me to hang out with Kory! haha. It's OK, I understand. ;). He is much more interesting drunk than I am sober, right?

And Candice, I should not judge Inkster. :). The area they went to was actually really nice, a very nice subdivision, and my husband was shocked. We thought all of Inkster was not nice, but it actually is! :).

Rebecca said...

OMG. He came up here, had 2 beers and fell asleep on the sofa after we watched a movie. I didn't ditch you, I was going home to spend the evening by myself anyway and he just came up because he was bored.

Megan said...

I wanna see pics of the new pool table when you have it set up :)