Saturday, June 13, 2009

My T key keeps sticking.....

**taken in the yard/back porch today......Oscar loves us! :).

Kurt's brother Scott is in town, just got here today. Had a nice night out at a local hangout, Jerry's. I was introduced to pull-tab lotto tickets, which I had never seen before. They are kinda fun! :). Played some music on he jukebox, and Kurt played some keno. Nice, relaxing night.

Took some pics of the inside of my house today soon, as I realized I have not really taken any since we moved into the house over 6 years ago. I will post one every once in a while, as to not bore with a bunch of them, starting with one of my fav rooms in the house, the dining room. We rarely use this room, as we generally eat in the living room. The table is one of my fav pieces of furniture ever. It was bought at an auction from the estate of some famous dead golfer. China cabinet is from the same auction (not the dead guy's). There is another cabinet and a kewl table and mirror in the room that you cannot see in the pic. Two sets of french doors lead out of the room. Anyway, here's my dining room! :).


Brittany said...

I LOVE that table! Gorgeous!

.................Nancy said...

It's beautiful!