Monday, June 29, 2009


Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything here, non-other blog related.

Have been pretty busy lately, with having family in town, work and board stuff. Plus, I am ADDICTED to The Hills from Netflix, and have been watching that on the computer instead of blogging. Damn Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. :). Sarah was right though, totally addicting!

Had a fun weekend. Dinner with everyone at my house at Dolce on Friday night.......Saturday, I had lunch with Hollie and Angela at PF Chang's in Dearborn. It was nice to sit and chat and vent and such. I had not seen Angela in forEVER and it had been longer than usual for Hollie too with both our schedules being crazy. Lunch was super yummy as well. Went home after that and basically chilled the rest of the afternoon. Kurt worked on putting the pool table together on Saturday, and went for ice cream for the first time this year. I love our little local ice cream joint, it's so cute. Sunday, went to a local billards place to buy stuff for the table. They had awesome deals on some used stuff, so we bought two cues, the pool balls, chalk, basic necessities to play. And then we played for the first time. Love having that down there now. Cannot wait until everything is finished in the basement. Then, Rebecca came over on her way home from Ohio to celebrate her bday.....Took her to dinner at Dolce, and we went shopping at Kohl's and Lowe's. I bought four new towels at Lowes and two new shirts (15% coupon). Yesterday, I also finally went online, with the use of a $50 coupon, and bought a new laptop travel bag (we actually do not even own one and improvise every trip with a bag we "make" into a laptop travel bag) and a new make-up travel vanity case thing since mine is like really old and starting to fall apart. Played bocce Sunday night too and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. Oh, here are pics of the two bags I am ordering and I really hope that they work for the purposes I ordered them for: