Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It kinda amuses me that when I post an actual opinion on this website, I get the most comments. :). My normal "look at my cute dog' posts are truly ignored! :).

In all seriousness though, I wish everyone would be more open to/accepting of other's opinions. We are all different. Nobody needs to be saddended, appalled, whatever, about my personal opinion. One person who posted on here basically thinks I am the devil in disguise because I am not in despair over Kate and Jon's divorce. Why would I be, really? I don't personally know them, and I would rather direct my feelings towards something in my life that is actually about someone I know. Like jessica's Dad being sick. If someone else is saddened by it, that's their opinion and call. I am not going to talk down to them because of their opinion. Whatever. If that is something that makes you sad, fine. Hunting and killing animals makes me sad, and makes others thrilled because they love the thrill of the hunt and kill. Fine. Differing opinions.

We all process things in a different way. I have read my blog about Kate and Jon a bunch of times and I really fail to see how it equates to anyone's life BESIDES Kate and Jon. i think anyone reading into it AT ALL is overpersonalizing my opinion as it has nothing to do with anyone else besides the parties mentioned. I have issues with the way they were paid to display their kids to the world for money (which is why I dont encourage it and watch the show). I have issues with the fact that they allowed money, greed and fame to aid in the ruin of their marriage. I have issues with the fact that AFTER their marrrige started to go badly, they went on interviews and on TV to talk about it. Horrible for their kids to see or have to see some day.

I know nobody else in the world who has done this (the above). I have many friends who are divorced, and agree with me 100% on my opinion on this subject (Kate and Jon). So, I am totally confused. Any of my friends who have been through divorces, I have been nothing but "there" for them and supportive and I do feel for my friends. I don't feel for Kate and Jon, however, I do feel for their kids. I don't know Kate and Jon, and I don't have this button that presses on whenever I hear that anyone in the world anywhere is going through a divorce, that turns on my sad emotion. Kids are another story though, and I truly do feel horrible for their kids.

All divorce is not the same. Every marriage and breakup is different. Nobody should take my opinion of Kate and Jon as ANYTHING but my opinion on Kate and Jon.

If anyone took my opinion the wrong way, I apologize for not explaining better.

Night all.