Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Cares

As a disclaimer, I have never watched their show and never will. But since I am a loyal US Weekly and People Magazine reader, I get the juice.......

Jon and Kate have "filed for divorce". Women around the world feel sorry for them?????

I'm sorry, but the only thoughts I had on this subject are the feelings I have towards their children. First, their parents put the children in the spotlight like they did and NOW, they are divorcing. It sounds like they put the kids' interests first all the time.......I get it. They made a lot of money on this. Their kids may have some money set aside for their future (if their Dad has not spent it all on girlfriends and harleys and their Mom has not spent it all on plastic surgery and only flying first class plane tickets).

If i had to read the minds of those kids though, I would put money on that the kids would rather have a balanced, noninvasive home life, with no paparazzi, and parents who were not always putting on a show for the cameras......vs all the money in the world.

Divorce sucks. I deal with it EVERY day at this office. But you know what? I feel sorrier for the Mom who comes in here, with no job, no money, and a husband who left her for another woman than I do for people who have a LOT of money and pretty much anything they request at their fingertips.

I think Kate and Jon could have tried a little bit harder. I think that when you choose to bring 8 freaking children into the world, you have the obligation to try some counselling or maybe QUIT your freaking TV show to work on your marriage.

On a side note, I would not be surprised if this were ALL for ratings, and they end up working things out and getting counseling. And that would kinda make me even more outraged.

Another thing that annoys me? That society almost exalts those with excessive amounts of kids, like it is some accomplishment. Seriously, fertility drugs=multiples a LOT of the time. It's not like Kate is some miracle worker. I wish doctors would stop handing the drugs out like candy.

Rant over.