Sunday, August 16, 2009

Choices on a Sunday

Went into the office for a really short time, had an Answer due on a Bankruptcy case that needed to be filed today since this week is crazy and I had to make a quick call.

Spent the rest of the day at home, with the exception of dinner out for sushi. Where we sat next to one of the most obnoxious sounding laughs i have EVER heard. This girl was SOOO loud, you could hear her in the bathroom AND near the front door--outside! OMG. I did not want to turn around and stare, but I told Kurt that she better be REALLY hot, becasue with that laugh, most guys would not be able to stomach her for long. Crazy. Everything her friend said, she was almost screaming she was laughing so loudly. Ugh.

So, we are trying to decide where to take our Labor Day trip this year (although it is not happening on Labor Day, it is happening at the end of September because of some issues with dog sitters for the pugs). I have narrowed it down to three options and have been researching details and prices, as follows:

1. Darien Gap in Panama. This option would be aMAZing, but I think it is going to be tabled for now. It is pricey, and Kory is coming on this trip, and I just don't really want to pay for three people. Plus, it could be potentilly dangerous, as it is near the Columbia border, so I dont know if I would want to take anyone with us, just in case.

2. Tortuguero Bay in Costa Rica. This area we have not been to yet in Costa Rica and it is the nesting area of 4 different kinda of turtles. It is also has a lot of other wildlife and marinelife and looks pretty kewl.

3. Lodges near Piedras Blancos National Park. This area is kinda near the Osa where we went last August, but on the other side of the Bay. I am leaning towards this trip, only because I had such an amazing time in the Osa last year.

Who knows though. I need to start making decisions and booking stuff though.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Rebecca said...

Well I wouldn't be much help since you and I have different ideas on travel/vacation, but silly question...shouldn't Kory be paying for himself? He's a working adult! :P

Lori H said...

We buy Kory a plane ticket every year for his bday. This year is actually really cheap, since Costa Rica flights are insanely low. He just stays in a room with us which costs no more money. That was the reason for not wanting the Darien trip, because Kory cannot afford it on his own, and I dont really want to pay for a third person on a pricey trip....

.................Nancy said...

Lori, I just had my birthday, I would love a plane ticket too! Thanks!! :P