Saturday, August 08, 2009


What is UP with my lack of posting lately? No idea.

I was in court a LOT this week. Kurt has beenn day trading again, thus I have to make appearances in court. I actually have been kinda enjoying it, minus the waits for my cases to get called. I like talking to other lawyers and seeing the Judges, watching some of the crazy hearings that happen, LOL.

This week has been exhausting. Kurt found a dog tick in the house and so we have been cleaning and treating EVERYTHING. We moved all the living room furniture to the basement, as well as our mattress and box springs. So, every night after work, I have been cleaning or doing excessive amounts of laundry, etc. AARGH. We also took the dogs for baths and gave them tick and flea treatments. So, a lot of work on top of normal work stuff. Ugh. I hope we have taken care of the issue.

Last night, we had dinner with our friend Gary and his girlfriend. We had not seen him in a while, so it was fun.......Ate at Dolce Vita and stayed there quite a long time talking. I was the only one not drinking, yet again. I think I am totally boring, LOL, but whatever. ;). Today, I did some work around the house, then we ran into town to run some errands....I want to get some new living room furniture, but saw nothing I liked at any of the stores we went to. I want to move the living room furniture to the basement, but will just wait until I find something I like. We are kinda picky because of the dogs and because of comfort. Went to dinner at Vaqueros and came home. Watched the Tigers lose BADLY and am trying to relax now.

Oscar has been panting really excessively lately, so we ran him to the vet. I googled the condition and was of course, convinced it could be something bad. The vet found nothing, and said it might be related to the humidity, or changes/stress (all the moving of furniture and stuff lately and the flea/tick meds). So, we opted out of xrays and blood work and will monitor him a few more days and see how he acts. He seems really warm, but he did not have a fever. Poor buddy.

Anyway. Even though I have not been posting, not much exciting going on......:). Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend thus far.


Brittany said...

Love the pics!

Nicole said...

I hope your doggie is feeling better! My tibetan spaniel pants a lot. He has a kinda smushed in nose and lots of hair so he gets hot easily.

Megan said...

Who beat the Tigers badly???? :)