Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last night, went to the Tigers game with Kurt, Kory and Jessica, and met our friend Gary and his girlfriend, her daughter and her daughter's friend. We had Gary's business partner's season tickets for the night.......Seats are right behind home plate, in the upper deck. I don't normally like the upper deck, but these seats are actually really good. Third row. Jessica and I got up at one point to use the restroom and on our way back, we ran into Paws, the Tigers' mascot! We got pic with him, it was a lot of fun. It was also an AWESOME game, and we won. Loved it. Jessica and I were cracking up at the guys in front of us. There was a group of older men. One of whom kept talking to us and all of whom were appalled when we cheered for Clete Thomas, who is a fav of mine.

Can anyone tell me why the Mariners bullpen pitchers wear pink backpacks? I think they are very stylish, yet maybe moreso for a 5 year old? HAHA.

Also, the Tigers have started incorporated ballet into their pregame workouts, I am impressed with their variety in workouts. GO TIGERS!

Was on the phone a lot of today dealing with customer service with HP for Kurt's laptop. I was SOOOOO frustrated. Everyone I spoke to barely spoke English, and I was about ready to throw Kurt's computer across my office and just buy a new one. Finally, at the end of my agony, they are letting me send it in, and telling me what they think is wrong. Which I already knew at the start of the conversation, but they still have to run 8 million diagnostic type tests. LAME.

Kurt bought another arcade game today, Asteroids. It is pretty fun, like the others. Worked out, made dinner, and am chilling on the couch now! :). Night.


Megan said...

Chris says they make rookies wear pink (usually hello kitty) backpacks all year. He thinks a lot of teams do it. He also says that Detroit needs to start loosing so the Twins can catch up :P

Nicole said...

What a fun night after a crazy day!

Lori H said...

Megan, tell Chris thanks for filling me in! And tell him no on the on the Tigers losing thing, although we did have a lame loss last night......

Rachael said...

aww my Mariners! I'll have to ask Bacchus about that!

So cool when baseball/football/basketball teams do flexibility & balance classes-- ballet, yoga etc that are typically rendered "GIRLY."

Maybe one of these day's I'll be teaching yoga to the Seahawks :P

PS- cute pic! You guys look like sisters! I'm sure you get that all the time!