Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday and Sunday Fun


Got up this morning and headed to Belle Isle to meet Rebecca. We go there prob like once a year or so to takes pics and aimlessly wander. We went to our normal places--the conservatory, the fountain, the old casino site. Took pics, then headed to lunch and Ulta. Rebecca had never been there, and she bought a few things. I had a coupon to use, and of course, the store suckered me into buying some other things. Bastards! Ulta and Sephora--cannot go to the store without buying SOMEthing. It's like a law, I think......Anyway, after that, we headed to lunch at On The Border. Food was awesome, but we ate too much and I was so full from that I did not even eat dinner tonight. Stopped at Old Navy after Rebecca and I parted ways, and I bought four new shirts. That store was CRAZY busy. Not sure if it's school starting soon related or just a busy location, but WOW, insanity. Anyway, it was really, really nice to catch up with Rebecca and just to see her in general, yay.

Spent the rest of the night at home with Kurty, doing some things around the house, and just chilling in general Finished watched How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which I had never seen before. It was really cute. And the necklace Kate wears at the party with the yellow dress? Gorgeous! It's kinda sad how much after a movie comes out that I see it. Seriously. I am lame. Gotta love Netflix though!

Below is what I bought at the stores (for the links I could find).

Also, click here to see pics from Belle Isle.

This t-shirt in plum color.

This in peacock.

This in black combo.

This conditioner, on clearance, whoot!

This cleanser (I have been wanting to try something new, and this line gets high reviews, so we will see)

This treatment

Got this eye make-up remover for free with coupon! Whoot!


So today, did not go much either, which was the plan. The weather was nice--sunny, and perfect temps, so I decided to take my camera out again and head to the State Park near my house. I love it there, and I thought maybe i could capture some of the initial fall colors. Mostly everything is green still, but there were a few yellow, red, orange leaves scattered. It was really peaceful and quiet there today, practically nobody around. I love the sound of the birds, the water creatures, etc. Came home and did some things around the house, worked out, made dinner, started watching Laguna Beach Season 2. It's weird how Kristen is the narrator in this one. I like it with Lauren better. Click here to see pics from Sterling.

Went shopping online today at Banana Republic's sale site. I got an email coupon for 20% off and free shipping, and with temps dropping, I need some fall clothes. I ordered the following, we will see if I like it when it comes!

Long Draped Cardigan in Black

Sweater in Black

T-Shirt in blue

Tee in Suede Grey

Oh, and decided to try a Gap bra. On sale, and an hoping I like their line of stuff.

Hope everyone had nice weekends! :).


Candice said...

Love your pics, especially the last one of the leaf.

Lori H said...

thanks, Candice! :).

colfin said...

Love the clothes! :)

Rachael said...

I bought a tee shirt similar to the one you bought (plum graphic one) but I bought the one that is grey with the small fleur di lis embroidered on the shoulder for like $10. Anyway, I love it and live in that shirt. Something about the material they used and the cut!